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Yo Mama's Black! And She Wants Djew all to Pay 4 Heaven!

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on April 18, 2012 - 7:33pm

Wad Jew Want? Jew kNOw I got IT!!
Wad Jew Need! Jew know I got it!

All I'm asking....Oh Re-Speck! Josh A little Beeh!

Re- Specs! Jew is a little Beeh! (Where JEw glasses? Not the WHine Glass but the Spec(k)s! )

Yo! Hey! Yo Mama's Black! And she want's Jew Back!

ADAM is Add "AM" that's Good MOrning and Good Evening is EVE! As in PM S....That explains the whole thing! Man in the MORE N I -N- G and Eve in the Even - I _ N_G. Yo Mama's Black and yo Dada is not! So the kids looked ASians! And by the way...ADd"AM" AND EVE were BUTT Naked! In Pair add EYES! Paradise! Later on they ate the apple and said "DJew did it!" No I deeent! Yes Jew did it! NO I didn't! There we go we now have JEWS! JEW know what ahhh! MEAN?

Blacks turned white after NOAH's ARK and left their pig-ment in the Black SEA...That explains the BLUE eyed blonds...Washed up color! The Yellow River bath some of them and people turned Mongolian! Those are the djew Asians...

There you go...Djew Mama's Black!

Once I get up on Stage...granted a dodge a few bagels...I'll put a sign for Jews to sign up for Heaven after paying me $1,440.00 Sail Price for an entry to Kingdom COME! This way only the people desperate to have eternal life goes to heaven... There is a waver that says ..."Once in heaven I will not look up Black Ruth's number!" That's because I refuse to followed by a bunch Jews in heaven tellimg me how their life was on planet Earth...My name will be classified...I refuse to live for eternity with all the Whiners and Juicers! Heaven has enough wine...No more whiners...And we also have enough Juice in heaven ---no more need for jews in heaven...and by the way no ShellFish and Shrimps allowed in heaven...It's an abomination to be selfish and shrimps; no bottom in the Bible on ExOJews 20 it says right there Thou shall not covet they neighbors ass! That means no Kevetching! No Asses

Now...Anyone I would con-vert for Kingdom Come will not be Kevetching, nor whining, no Juicing, nor Ass-signing! All my converts must be in good BEEEHAVEYOUR! A little good JewMOre is fine but no WHINers...NO little piggy butts and assess! NO kevetching Asses...And why is this important! BeeeCOST the HE AV VEN is for eternity! I want to have peace when I go to heaven...JEw think I want heaven to be full of like New JORK? I mean New YOrk! With all the HeyBRONX, HEYMANHATON, HEYBROOKLYN and HEYQueen UP! I want PEAs! I mean Peace! So we need to weed out the WHINERS! And the way to Kingdom COME will cost JEW Tan TA dah DAn...Tan...Tan...Ta...DA....Da...Done! $1,440. What DJew think that's too much? Heck I'm sure djew paid more for your house and car than that! And it won't last djew for eternity! $1,440.00 Which is already on SAIL beh COST JEW HAVE 4SALE sign on JEwr 4head that says...Djew COST! Now...Jesus is another story...DJew go to JESUS and it's free only because HE's got His PaySTUB (show the hand) But DJEW don't like FREESTUFF so I'll CHARGE JEW $1,440.00 AND that is 4 SAIL already! THAT's ETERNAL Life in case Jew want it! Or per Halves Semi not want it and it's too good so Jew want to pass it up!

Sold! Jewr! Sold Jewr! Sold Jewr! Yo Mama's black and she wants to get paid before More of Jew or JewMOre goes to HeAvBEN! $1,440.00 SAIL PRICE Ticket to go 4 ET Earn- al EL-I-F-E..

STay Tuned for Mo-says...Moses! Slow Speech and AAAAHHHHRON
Pentateuch = Pen T-Take-Yoke! Take 5
Crucifixion = Take 10! Hang Ten! Hang in there! Cold FEET and Jew Missed El's Toes!

Needle in a HeyStack? Or Need El in a HeySt ack? = Jesus in the Manger, Tha'ts just to say Hey! As in Yod! Hey! Vav! Hey! Hey Hey! There!

BIBLE = Beeh I Beeh El Eeehh! I believe!
To rah = To Read!
Math hew = Math Jew
Mark = Mark Jew
Luke = Look!
"I'm Jewr Father" in He a BEN!
JOHN = JUan = One!
The Name of God is no O-N-E! It's ON EHh T(h)ree!
Now rememeber it's gonna cost Jew $1,440.00 to convert any one of Jew! And only if Jew want to...Other than that Good luck Gluck! Jew need Pay STUBS! COST JEW More AIN"T FREE Jew COST A LOT of Mon EHHH!

YO! Mama's Black! And She wants JEW TO PAY HER BACK! It's gonna cost JEW! But it's for ETERNAL Life! Take it or leave it! Bye and BUY!

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