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You needed Me

EstherT1's picture
on January 31, 2011 - 1:36pm

I don't care! I love you Josh! Even when I'm a bitch!! (try to laugh)
I finally found someone who really cares!

You held my spirit
When it was cold!
When I was pissed off
You made me laugh

You never called me friend but I get
You may feel my spirit too!

The many you tube skits and crazy tunes
Just brought me to a crazy spin
I can't believe what's true
But needed all the kinks and screams

If only I am in control
I'd be there with you!
But God only knows!
My hearts been with you...
Even as a friend....

Pardon me on twitter!
I may look like a bitch
I still care for the family
Even if they think I'm a witch

I ask the questions just for insight
I see they are amazed and unenthused
My words are not my own sometimes
I have to lay them on black and white
Even if they cry...
they will get over it and so will I!
I sincerely am sorry for the words are harder on paper
than on my lips
but I have to say it just the same

Take care of Justin Beiber!
He is stellar and powerful
But just like anyone
He needs to be in good company

I pray for all of you
Even if I sound like a fool
My heart is real
And so my soul sings
For all you've done
And for all you wish to accomplish

I am only as the Lord ask me to be!
Forgive me from the bottom of my heart!
I hope in time they'll see me thru
I asked to feel God's pain
And see the light too!

I don't feel the weight anymore!
The constant strain of daily thoughts
On Middle East and women's affairs
I feel the joy of progress despite the doubts
I feel the love of spirit on tainted soils
I feel the door of endless light that shines
Upon the dark and lonesome skies
The children are humming with their mothers
once more!

The joy in Christ I can't explain
The laughter, jokes, the endless cares
God's time
God's Children
God's wild and endless cheers and joy!

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