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For you the Poet's Pen

EstherT1's picture
on November 4, 2011 - 4:30am

Per Te

What consuming passion of one man
To sing with such dedication
That leaves a woman in tears...
of memories that stretch the cord of time

Who would sing a song
Dedicated to an invisible woman..
A song so drenched with rivers
of endless love

To enter the dept of ones soul
Sentiment par excellence
Moving with such mystic resonance
None can grasp...

Like a womad tied to a long cord of a wishing well
from 10,000 drop of a deeper
Yearning to meet the light of day
Sending water to quence the thirst of
one man who so long for her...

To sing to every soul just to
reach that one beloved woman
lost in the shuffle of this world
awaiting her love with the scene of
her perfume a trace of her

To be with one essence of a woman
Unseen and untouched
To no avail dedicating every lyrics of
every song...

This song is heard
send forth to every corner of the Earth
Stretching beyond limits
seas into one
magnificent force...
A voice of one man's echo

It flows so smoothly
like liquid gold
piercing hearts
beyond expectation

The crashing of love notes
waves upon distant
beyond comprehension
into the light of day

Per Te...

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