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Major hassle

FanForLife's picture
on November 13, 2010 - 2:22pm

Okay, time to vent --

Can't get on the fojg boards. This has been going on for months!!! I send a "help" message to the admins. Get a response (takes about 2 weeks to hear back from them) and the answer is a robotic "we've made some changes". Nothing that tells me specifically how to get in. I enter my log-in name (FanForLife) -- been the same since Day 1 and the system enters my password automatically. Then I get the error message that one of them is wrong. I know the name is right. How can the password be wrong when the system is "remembering" me and entering it?

Also notice on my profile that it shows me as a 5 year member. Really? It also shows me as joining in November '03. '03 to '10. New math?

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