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Tomorrow tomorrow, it's only a day away!!

hansgram's picture
on May 27, 2011 - 1:29pm

I can't believe the time has finally arrived. I'm taking a break from packing for my trip to see Josh in Moline Illinois tomorrow night to write this post.
I have loved Josh & his voice ever since I first heard him sing "You raise me up." My husband had promised me that he would take me to a concert the next time he was performing somewhere near here. But he was never able to fulfill that promise because he lost his battle with cancer in 2007. After that is when "To where you are" also became my favorite song. I still am so moved & filled with hope when I hear it. A very dear friend got permission from our church & ordered the sheet music for 'You raise me up" & sang it for his funeral.The following Christmas my daughter presented myself & my daughter-in-law handmade certificates keeping her father's promise. The three of us will be in the audience tomorrow night. It's been 4 long years but now that special day has arrived. I know my soulmate will be looking over us from above with a smile & singing along with Josh.

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