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Bring a Snack

harpianoguitar's picture
on January 7, 2010 - 10:24pm

What do i bring tomorow? I'll bring red apples for everyone...that's fine. I wasn't there today. Oh sorry...but as my day just didn't go as planned. Mr Family was nice enough to thank me for the diamond earings. There's a song about it..something to the effect...crystal blue waters of the ocean..who knows. But really a heart is more precious than a gem. If u shine like an angel...i just don't like telling white lies to get through it give me a white fur coat not made out of an animal and somethin' to sing and everyone's happy..what did i lie about..well...i lied and told my University i was Catholic that's a white lie cause i am not and i disagree with all of that religion like i don't think 12 people in prayer is more precious than 30 entertainers..i think i just didn't know Catholic's were so going back to being a singer is more where i feel at home. Music is an emotion or feelings put to song that's it..and you get to be the star..and religion is just there to stop u from singing. I don't have time to discuss things..but sing. They always stop me like ur a sinner if u sing..not really..i'd say the modeling perfume adds i did was more what u call sin. They don't live..i disagree with all the leave me be to live my own life..u live yours have a little fun it's good for u. I like material things...and parties..and being a model or whatever i do...i am just sorry i got stuck in a world of priests and brothers..when i could of been living my own life. I can end it tomorow wheather people like it or not no one owns anyone or can tell them who to be. And at least the rocker guy is out of my life..i'd sing that song to him get out of my life one last time..b/c that was hurting me and other stars. I liked singing with the Backstreet boys but i found thier music to be slow and i sing fast...and don't tell Brad Paisley i threw out my italian boots he'd be crushed...his store is so cute i bought a little poster from the best singing days. These people at the University tried to stop me from singing so it's best if i say goodbye to this place soon in my life...i am ready to leave. You don't know how they tried to brainwash me with religion. It's like stars are stars...and u can't really take a precious heart away from being a performer. Alas they won for a bit...but not for forever...i think the years from when i was 19-24yrs old were the golden singing years..since we didn't have to listen to pastors and priest..yap all day..or pray. But they let me hide away from entertainment and took care of me since they were the lesser evil...and its been fun..but my time has passed...its time to take a new path. Tomorow is another day...the reading is's about nature so not too bad...take care of hearthrob lover boy, Josh for me..he shines like the star he is...tell him not to fear i'll be free soon.


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