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It's funny how things come back to you.'s picture
on December 15, 2009 - 9:37am

Dear Josh Journal, 12.15.09

It’s funny how things come back to you.

I used to play the violin. I only played for 4 years and just through school, not any sort of private training. I remember the night I went to the school meeting where you pick out the instrument you want to play. I was SO EXCITED. I already knew I wanted to play the violin. I can remember just wanting to play one so bad because I had never had the chance till then.

I was in 5th grade. I did get the chance to play through till 8th grade. I didn’t play in high school because you had to own your instrument and have private lessons to be in the orchestra. My violin was rented and the consistent complaints about rental cost from my father made it quite clear to me that this was out of the question. I was by no means the most gifted person in that orchestra but it was something that I felt I was leaving behind.

The reason this is coming up for me now is because of a little toy my sister bought called the glockenspiel. It’s a one octave toy with perfect pitch. Recently I’ve been playing with it and trying to see how many songs I can play on it. It’s had an unexpected effect on me. I’ve begun to realize how much playing music makes me happy. Again, I am no prodigy, however, I feel like something is being opened up in me that has been closed for a while.

It’s also funny how this has come up in my life because recently my mom was buying a new ring tone for her phone and ended up buying a piece by Bach that was one of the last songs I learned in orchestra in 8th grade.

It’s funny how these things happen in life. Now I’m 26. I’m not yet in a position to take up playing the violin again but perhaps I will someday. Because, like a lot of people have already discovered, there is something about being able to play music that allows me to be myself in a beautiful way.

So this Christmas I am already thankful that being able to play music has returned to me, even if it’s just a glockenspiel.


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