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on January 20, 2010 - 12:24pm

Dear Josh Journal,

I don’t think it is right to tell someone they are doing something wrong because they have suffered. It’s not kind and it’s not Biblical. Many people are born into terrible situations beyond their control and they suffer greatly through no fault of their own. Suffering doesn’t have to be pointless. It doesn’t mean you never enjoy things about life. Things like a beautiful sunny day, beautiful music, a good meal, or a kind word from a stranger. God is in all the truly good and beautiful things in life.

I think suffering can have great purpose. I have a rather large view of God and His power and ability to transform suffering into something beautiful. My greatest example is Jesus Christ and His suffering and obedience to God the Father. His suffering offered redemption for all mankind. That’s not a small thing from one man’s suffering. God can always effect a positive change in the world through us handing over our unjust suffering to Him. It doesn’t have to be meaningless.

God has promised me many beautiful things. Although they have not fully come to fruition in my life, I know they will. I have hope. I live in the expectation of God’s promises and the happiness He is going to bring me. That is the best and most fulfilling place I can be.


P.S. Josh, I hope you have a wonderful time in New York City. I love hearing that you are happy and having a good time. Love from Chicago.

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