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My first Josh experience

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on February 28, 2011 - 9:26pm

Thank you PBS, thank you. As a dedicated PBS watcher I first laid my green eyes on Josh Groban when our local station was featuring a new artist to me, Josh Groban. When I heard his voice I literally stopped in my tracks and knew I had to know when he would be scheduled on our local station. No kidding, I counted the days and then the hours until I could see, hear, and fall in love with his music. I had never heard any vocalist that captured my heart so powerfully. Not even in church.

As a mother of three young children I rarely planned our lives around a television program. But his concert was one I would not and could not miss. As the first strands of the orchestra began my very ordinary life became something filled with such beauty that I was unable to contain my emotion. I swooned, I cried, I gasped. I just couldn't contain what I was feeling. Even though my husband was sitting next to me I would exclaim, "Did you hear him?" , "Is that the most beautiful music you have ever heard?", "I can hardly breath, he is reaching deep within my soul." and many more adulations. When I was able to take my eyes off of Josh and look at Jim he looked as if he had never known me.

It was the days of VCRs and I recorded his performance. I watched it over and over again. And then I would save my money and purchase multiple copies of his CDs. I had to have a copy in my Jeep and in my home stereo. I gave them as gifts. And then I purchased all his DVDs and watched all the interviews.

By his music not only in English but in the beautiful languages he sings his ballads Josh has moved me not only personally but has also given me a way to share many of the deepest feelings in my heart, One night around 11 p.m. I was listening to "Closer" on my disk player before I went to sleep and woke my husband to listen to a song that completely encapsulated the passion and love I had for him. It was in Italian and I couldn't understand a single word but I could feel and understand all the emotion he was singing about. Jim who is a died-in-the-wool cowboy understood it too. It was an amazing moment we shared.

And who could not mention the orchestrations. They are the best of the best.
Josh Groban I am a grobanite. I proudly claim the name. Your music is the manna of heaven. Thank you.

And before I close, I have to comment on "Awake". It is by far my favorite, if a woman can choose just one favorite. I am savoring your different sounds in "Illumination". "Josh", "Closer", "Josh at the Greek", "Noel". All manna from heaven.

I love your music Josh, you have changed my life. I now have a passion in my life that is so pure and powerful that even the thought brings me great joy and love.

I look forward with great excitement to hearing you in person in Wichita, KS on May 21st. It is almost three months away and already I know I will be once again counting the days and then the hours. Josh, you lift me up!

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