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on August 27, 2010 - 9:07pm

Well here it is Friday already.. where did the week go?? Oh I know it was those pain meds. I think that maybe they work a little too I'm walking around some now feels good too even if it hurts. It gets tiring having my left foot elevated the majority of the time. I have to say though it is giving me ample time to listen to dear sweet Josh.

Tomorrow I'm going to put all of Josh's music on my blackberry phone so it will be ready for me a week from next Wednesday. I NEVER go into an operating room without Josh anymore. That's just how it is. My Dr. thinks it's a great idea too!! All of my Dr.s are very open minded.. I am very thankful for that. Josh has proven to improve my vitals while in surgery and my recovery too. I sure love Josh and his music. Uh oh... I forgot I love my Grobie family too!!! Sorry for almost forgetting you...:(

Have a Joshful weekend everyone!!!


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