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All I think about

EstherT1's picture
on May 14, 2011 - 3:19pm

My eyes can never fail to see the beauty of your face
The grace of grace and splendor ectched on stone
Illuminate the limestone's home

A grave sanction upon a land
Could snare the covenants reign upon thy holy land
I am but a soul serving a common cause
For tragedy lurk on murky soil

I tried to go things on my own
Granted by high heavens alone
Yet when I trace my path is plagued
I need a partner to ease the pain

So here I am mind lost at sea
Not knowing where to go or places to see
I know I'm free
imaginations wild and free

My prayers are answered each day at a time
What more with Josh whose
voice of love I found
I know the mass is liberal as can be
I need the songs to come alive
In mind and creed

The cradle rocks and ground may shatter
But not when worlds united
And all octave stones are knighted

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