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padmejyh's picture
on June 15, 2011 - 12:38pm

Men's warehouse Josh?!?! I'm going to safely assume it's a tv commercial you just saw? Nothing wrong with Men's Warehouse-- great place to shop for suits for the office and you just might even get away with it on Wall Street if you know how to choose just the right fit and style. Strictly visually speaking, you're the center of a spectacular stadium light show and in a huge arena every bit helps to project your natural charisma magnetism and presence.

Sorry to drag on such a bore of a topic. I'm totally behind you love your music your humor your personality your dashing good looks. Just a little bit of a nudge in the direction of Soho perhaps sometime in the next few weeks and if you want help-- no doubt you know where to find every single fan on your website.

That's all I'll say of that!!! Keep knocking it out of the ballpark!!!

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