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on December 16, 2012 - 1:51am

Just spent a day listening to this song. Based on my estimation, it is a verifiable hit. Do what you do in the music biz to get it out to as many listeners as possible, sit back and watch it climb the charts. Who said a voice with classical gravitas can't define the mainstream AND deliver a positive transformative message in the process? You've just crossed the threshold to another level of versatility, showing the world that you CAN do it all, and raise the bar for all in the process. Congratulations Josh!!!

Just spent half a day tweeting about the debates going on in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown. Yes, tweee-ting. I've finally decided to open my account to the public, thanks to Josh's beautiful and inspirational song. :) I was going to wait til my book on US leadership comes out, but this issue is too personally important to me to not jump in on the discourse going on. The issue is much deeper than gun control, and as I suggest in one of my tweets it's more about the elimination of the notion of violence from the collective human consciousness. Still, we have to start somewhere and this seems to be what the nation is ready for. Violence, in general, and specifically, violence against children (and women), is one of those things that is so of the darkness that, as you sing in the song, "you want to run away....and look away but you stay coz it's all so close." From the photograph I saw years ago of a child in the Congo who survived a machete attack to the bombings in Sri Lanka including thousands of civilian Tamil women and children that the intl community has remained surprisingly silent about (in contrast to Darfur and Rwanda), to the rampant domestic violence in this country and to the beautiful children and teachers we've just lost in this latest tragedy-- carrying a torch for them all. So Josh, thank you for expressing it so beautifully in this song-- my reason to be brave. :)

That was the most beautiful speech Obama has ever given. The most beautiful speech I have ever heard. It struck the center of the heart of all chords. And it rang with sincerity, truth, and divine inspiration. I'm so pleased to see Obama finally coming into his true power this second term. It makes me sigh with relief to no end. This country needs it. He has shed his first-term defensive exterior and chosen to rise above all the troubles in such a wonderful inspiring way. We may yet see a truly great president come to the fore in these next four years. Now let's see that policy to follow, which I trust he will do everything possible to make it happen as he stated. Bravo Mr. President!!!
The first and last speech of Obama's I felt inclined to save in my files was his 2004 speech at the Democratic Convention- absolutely inspired and brilliant. This is the second. So remarkable the growth he has shown-- this is the testament to the true wisdom of an individual when one can rise above rather than give in to all that threatens to tear him down and make him smaller- it is the testament to someone well on his way to realizing his divine potential on earth. This fills me with so much hope for the direction of this country's future. We're going to be ok. Amen.

Guess what song is on repeat on my iTunes right now? :)

Les Mis song been on my mind-- Heart Full of Love-- my favorite part....

Cosette I don't know what to say
Then make no sound
I am lost
I am found

such a beautiful moment musically...

This quote says it all simply and eloquently:
“I don’t take my life seriously, but I do take what I do – in my life – seriously -” ― Audrey Hepburn

Trending, but apparently not being heard. Mayan elders have been traveling to all corners of the world trying to explain what tomorrow's about-- the dawning of a new age with a chance for transformation and the coming together of the masculine and feminine in a balanced and harmonious way, thus hopefully ending a long thousands of years period of bloodshed and dominance of masculine aggression. In the midst of this humans will continue to destroy ourselves and the planet we live on, with the occasional natural disaster rising as a result of the intense not so good energy accumulating as a result, tsunami-ing away this and that part of the world, reminding us that ultimately forces much greater than us insignificant creatures remain boss. That is all.

Just suddenly felt like deleting a bunch of stuff. For no particular reason than the usual-- they're thoughts that have already evaporated in my mind and don't care to leave a permanent record of it online. Given the technological age we're in that's not saying much-- I'm sure they are still stored somewhere on an offline server or something. (Hello Josh's tech peoples-- keep up the great work!)

Have a beautiful New Year's Eve celebration in NY Josh-- I'm sure the concert will be just magnificent!

Les Mis continues to capture the mood of the moment. Playing in my mind today: In My Life

In my life, there are so many questions and answers that somehow seem wrong
In my life, there are times when I catch in the silence the sigh of a faraway song
And it seems of a world that I long to see
Out of reach, just a whisper away waiting for me
Does he know I'm alive do I know if he's real
Did he see what I saw does he feel what I feel
In my life I'm no longer alone now the love in my life is so near
Find me now find me here


Back to the Finale of Les Mis. I go back to it a lot these days-- it's just so filled with Universal Truth it's one of the best ways to connect to the Source. The other day I came out of a cafe, I think after writing something here, and it was as if the invisible veil that is the illusion of this world lifted-- even the concrete beneath my feet felt paper thin. And all around me, I could feel the magnificent Presence, so close, just everywhere around me. It was as if He had parted the skies and was peering down with loving eyes, and I was looking directly into His gentle gaze. And I was so very humbled by it all-- the Beauty and the Power-- it took all my strength not to collapse on the ground and just cry like a little baby. I have seen enough, been too close to it all, to ever, ever question His Presence, ever. Those who have seen know it transcends any notion of religion. As a Buddhist bodhisattva, as an angel of God-- we are all channels of light, working towards the same Purpose.

My advocacy for a violence-free world includes my fish tank. My anti-violence fish tank policy: well-fed and 1:1 male:female ratio make for content fishies.
Song of the moment: It's a toss-up between "C is for Cookie-- that's good enough for me" and "It's time for beddie-bye, that's Pajanimals"
The newest Disney movie added to the collection: Brave. tee hee The next one I'm getting as soon as I see it: Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings. That one looks purty.

One of my favorite shows purely for entertainment value- Phineas and Ferb-- clever funny and love the outrageous storylines! The villain scientist Doofenshmirtz has the best lines. Always cracks me up--

That line in Les Mis-- you get it. I think I'm going to cry. (Ok not really but you know what I mean) Like of course you get it. Like I know but I don't, or I do and just keep telling myself there's a possibility that I don't. It's just too amazing. You don't know how isolated in all this I feel sometimes. I've come to terms with that in a very at peace way, but to think that someone else out there gets it, that for once, I don't have to feel like I'm explaining it to someone who maybe partly gets it but not able to fully appreciate it-- that just means so much, it really does.

Have a beautiful amazing time at your performance tonight. Happy New Year Josh!!!

You can do it-- and beautifully. Tea w/honey and lemon is soothing. Or Starbuck's passionfruit tea with ample amounts of honey. Sending lots of healing light!

Happy 2013 Josh!!! Very sleepy too but am making myself get up now. I've only been up the last 12 hours after being woken up by the sound of fireworks last night. Rest well, get some chicken soup if you can, there's no substitute for sleep. Just Saturday I got over an oncoming cold with a day of sleep. Hope you'll be feeling better in the morning!

Beautiful picture Josh, but what are you doing out in the cold??? Glad you have lots of chicken soup. Now if you really want to cut this cold short and I know it's not your favorite activity in the world-- take it from someone who used to work on a research study on eliminating sleep debt-- combined with chicken soup and lots of fluids, sleep is when the immune system is most effective at fighting off bugs. You'll be ready to go in no time!

Sleepy trying to get back on a writing channel. Miraculous that my little laptop is still working after being dropped nth times with apple cider spilt all over it this morning. The exterior is all screwed but internal workings are all just fine. I'm definitely going Gateway again next time-- if I don't switch back to Apple. Just the whole switching from IE to Safari is takes a mental effort that I'm not quite prepared for. Actually switching computers in general. Not quite up for a new one yet.

Is that traditional Mandarin Chinese? I did not know they used the traditional form of Mandarin as opposed to the simplified form in Hong Kong. All of mainland China uses the simplified form. Traditional I thought was used only in Taiwan. Interesting I will have to take a note of that next time I pass through that way. Your guess is as good as mine in terms of which book is better-- I tend to stick with the books where the English is available even though I do read some Chinese. Reminds me of my old reading assignments.. that is completely in my area of expertise although I've kind of veered from it a advisor would have said something to the effect of, why am I not surprised. It's not that I'm not interested, just a lot of different things I want to do.

omg I'm about to start on the fantasy intensive part of the writing-- I've only read a lot of fantasy never tried writing it...I'm suddenly awake. Then again, I've never written a screenplay, or a love story for that matter, so I'M ALL GOOD!

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