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Finally :) :) :)

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on February 5, 2013 - 12:15am

This album has Grammy written all over it. I'd like to offer my congratulations to Josh, Rob Cavallo, Lester Mendez, and all involved for your efforts. (A rephrase for the superstitious.) Looking forward to the release of some fantastic music videos to help the cause!

Congratulations on being the No. 1 Bestseller in music on Amazon Josh!!! Looking forward to "All that Echoes" being No. 1 on Billboard! Just ordered a dozen copies of your Target edition. Hope it helps.

Happy Signing Josh at what has since Illuminations become my favorite B&N in the US! A little wistful I couldn't be there in person to support you today but I'm there in spirit. boo.

Just downloaded All That Echoes on iTunes and just started listening to the Stevie Wonder song. Ahhhh....just beautiful. :) The singing is naturally exquisite- your melodic phrasing is just, magical. I can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate stellar musicianship. What is virtuosity without heart, passion, presence. Love the orchestral accompaniment-- the articulation of the strings is reminiscent of "Bittersweet Symphony"-- very cool. In general, the mixing on this album is brilliant-- kudos to all involved.

This album is so filled with heart, light, and hope. In fact, bursting with it. It is resonating with vibrations of fantastic breakout success. So proud of you, for the personal growth and faith it took to take your music and sound to this new level of expansiveness while remaining true to yourself. Bravo Josh!!!

There's a song on this album for almost every musical mood: oldies, country/folk, pop, classical pop, musical, alternative, Latin, Celtic. Very handy for people like me who like to listen to a broad array of genres. All nicely brought together by a classy intelligent sound that is distinctly yours.

Falling Slowly...I've been listening to other versions of this song lately. Something about yours-- I'm just floored, literally, unable to move. For some reason it's making me want to catch a plane. A trip is on the radar, not this week but soon. Would love to support you during this momentous time for you so would love to make it to one of your events! I noticed you honed in on the romantic themes of the song-- some other versions bring out a spiritual call to service. Yours is all romantic. It's one of the sweetest things ever. :)

Falling Slowly-- still basking in the glow of flooredness. :)

Making it slowly but surely through the other songs-- just haven't felt a need to rush through them, and am enjoying getting to know them them one by one.

She Moved through the Fair-- beautifully executed, just gorgeous. It seems to have all the bells and whistles of a vocal showpiece, and it's recordings like these where you really impress me with your vocal mastery. Love the Celtic nod-- something so haunting mysterious and magical about Celtic music. This melody is really growing on me. This song has been playing in my mind for the past day or so. It's just so beautiful, and for some reason, more ear-friendly than other versions of this song that seem to be a little more ethereal and less accessible to those uninitiated in the Celtic tradition. Uninitiated in the Celtic tradition? Sometimes I have to ask myself, where in the world do I come up with these things. Well, as one who is not of Celtic descent, at least in this lifetime, I don't really know what that means coz I'm uninitiated. Perhaps it would be best understood as, most simply, an impression.

E Ti Prometerro-- love the melody-- and it's a waltz! I'm wondering how many potential waltz songs there are on this album. The waltz is like my favorite dance ever. It's such a meditative beautiful flow of movement. Looking for good waltz songs is forever on my radar-- Satellite which I won't be able to get to for a few weeks is one of them. Finally ran "E Ti Prometterro" through a couple of online so very romantic and moving. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts in a song.

Now if I can just tear myself away from All that Echoes, perhaps I could start getting back to work...

I'm feeling either tired or sentimental-- can't figure out which.

Just my two cents! nada mas, nada menos. ultimamente, no es muy importante. sabes lo que necesitas hacer. no se porque estoy escribiendo en espanol. un tren de pensamientos que no puedo dejar. perdon la falta de los accentos.

Something suddenly made me think of that song from the Cranberries-- can't remember the title but the intro is so classic..
du du-du du
du du-du du
du du-du du
du du-du du....
happiness was when I was young and we didn't give a d--n
and we were raised to live life as fun and take it if we can...
(something like that)

just looked it up. It's Ode to My Family. Also looked up the I do not think it means what I think it means. But I kinda prefer the innocent interpretation I've always attached to it...which works if you look at only a couple of lines and pretend to tune out the rest of it.

oh oh wait. just found this, referenced and all: "The song is about Dolores's yearning for her simple life as a child after having achieved success.[1]" There you go. Glad to see happiness and innocence prevail after all!

Just assessing, processing, prioritizing, filtering, understanding.... add your -ing word that involves nothing but thoughts flowing from one part of the mind to the other

I miss my NY apartment. Suddenly thought of the carpet in the second bedroom and then it was as if I was right there. I miss NY.
So apparently the Sri Lankan monks think I was a Sri Lankan princess in a past life. Well, since I'm an old soul, sure that sounds like it's within the realm of possibilities.

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