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FYL and LACHSA concert

padmejyh's picture
on June 29, 2012 - 12:50am

Tonight's benefit concert was hands down the best JG concert I've had the privilege to attend. Josh-- impeccable as always and charming moments of spontaneous humor. The drumming was quite impressive. Virtually all the songs were among my top favorites. The Sweeney Todd selection was very new and very sweet.

The acoustics were unlike any I've heard before, thanks to Disney for setting the highest standards across every possible endeavor they have ever initiated. Everything just dazzled and sparkled and the sound was delicious to the ears. The lights enhanced the music just enough in the perfect balance of visual and audio harmony.

The instrumentalists and the student performers were just giving it their all, sounding and looking so spectacular. It was as "rock" of a JG event as I've attended, and it sounded so amazing I have no words to describe it other than PERFECT. I think all the elements just came together so beautifully and harmoniously.

What was so truly special to see were the students' faces light up in pure radiant joy. They will remember this night and be inspired by it for the rest of their lives, and tonight's performance captured so beautifully what the arts is really all about-- the joyful liberation of the human spirit through pure artistic expression. What a gift, what a blessing it is to have been able to bear witness to it all.

Thank you.

A few more things I hope to accomplish before I go, but all in all a truly sweet evening.

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