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Good morning

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on November 14, 2012 - 2:14am

Rise and shine. Up and working!

I learned something yesterday. Can't rush the creative process. I already knew that but I tried anyway. I'm so close to a complete working of a full draft, that to send anything prior would be to short circuit the process, which just wouldn't do it justice. The work has taken on a life of its own, as have the characters, and I have to honor that. It's not really about what I feel like doing here but what's in the best interest of the work itself.

Very sad to hear of the results of the UN report on Sri Lanka. No wonder people were silent when I inquired about how the peace process came about to end a 26-year civil war. The innocent civilians there are of gentle and kind nature. They deserve the world's compassion.

I lost my iPhone yesterday and in a city where iPhone napping is rampant you can imagine I was rather perplexed. Called it this morning and a lady at Best Buy picked it up and so I'm getting it back! Yay! Love situations like that give my faith in humanity a boost!

Congrats on being almost done with your album!!!

Back to full focus on writing. So strange I could not even get myself to open the file when in NY-- like for some reason the energy wasn't quite right for working on it there, although much of it is set in NY. I was kind of expecting it to be the other way around. Anyway, going back and editing some parts of 1 and 2, then I'm going to plunge into 3.

CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR NEW ALBUM JOSH!!! Looking forward to it with great anticipation! I'm sure it's going to be brilliant!!!

As I was trying to do a summary of parts 1 and 2 last week, I was reminded I didn't write the first part to music-- not quite the way I did the second part. So I've been going back over all the scenes in part 1 doing that. And it makes all the difference. So that even though there's always more room for input, improvement, each scene is like it's own precious gem now, each with its spark of life, its endearing center, HEART. And music is so key to that. Dialogue has been revamped and the characters have come even more to life as a result. This is just so involved-- one would be involved as it is, but to do three....and I couldn't just present two and only present a short summation of the third like I was thinking of doing last week. You know that part of you that wants to try things differently sometimes just to try to be...practical? I don't think is quite the right word....anyway, can't. Just can't get myself to do it-- to take the shortcuts. Even though every other aspect of my being just wanted to reach out so much.

Great pic
Very heartwarming. Filled with hope. Captures the spirit of US leadership we should be projecting out to the world.

So I just found the song "Feels like Home" for the first time on youtube, clicked on it thinking it was someone else's song. And I'm just wondering, how in the world did I miss this??? How long have I been on this site??? I only have like multiple versions of Illuminations on both CD and iTunes??? No clue, no clue.

Josh, whatever kind of day(s) you're having, hugs. IT'S ALL GOING TO BE OK. It really is. btw, just caught a brief recap of your Kanye West tweets. They're just so hilarious!!!

You know, I have thoughts like that too. What if things don't work out the way I hope they will? What if for some reason, I'm just destined to go down this road alone? There is always that possibility. While I don't wish for it, I'm at peace with it. Because I decided long ago that I wasn't going to settle for a less than relationship just so I wouldn't be alone. I'm ok with that, because I know I will be able to carry on with my work either way.The beauty of the divine light within will find a way to shine through regardless, because it comes from a heavenly source beyond anything this world can offer me. But, sigh, wouldn't it just be absolutely a dream come true, if there were someone by my side I could do it all with, who just gets it....wouldn't that just be simply wonderful. I realize I'm blessed beyond belief, but can't I also have that happiness too?

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