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Happy 32nd Birthday

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on February 26, 2013 - 10:04am

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Josh,
Happy Birthday to you!

With all the different time zones in play, I figured I'd be better off wishing you a happy early birthday rather than a belated one.

The early 30s is the time when everyone starts going, well surely with your looks, success, personality, how can you possibly not be with someone unless there's something amiss with the picture here? Don't listen to it! Brush it off! Don't cave in even though sometimes it may seem as if the whole world is trying to peer over your shoulder (which in your case it is). Know that you will always be loved, appreciated, and supported for being you.

Have a happy fantastic day and may everything you wish for be yours this coming year!

Cliches or not I think it's important that we all hear it at least once a year. :)

omg do I have a lot to catch up on in US-China relations

Does anybody say what they mean anymore or am I just as naive as I was ten years ago? Am I really older and wiser or am I just kidding myself? I suppose the most effective answer is sometimes to respond as people say even if it could totally just be bogus. What matters is not the bogus but how one responds to it. I suppose the fact that I'm questioning is what sets present me apart from a younger me. Sometimes people are easy to read and other times it's like the satellites in my mind are rotating round and round and I just can't pick up on any vibe at all. It's like wow how nice and energy-neutral this person hello, anyone home???? Is it just certain Asian people I'm not getting this way or is it people in general. Actually rather than no vibe I think I do intuitively know what's going on sometimes and then I'm told something by so and so person and I'm like, huh? could I have been totally wrong? In the past I'd be like, yeah of course I was wrong listen to what this person is saying. Now it's like, oh no no no the only times I've made mistakes was when I didn't follow my intuition so go with the gut feeling over words. Words are just words. They're like the garnish for what's really going on. When I think back and ask myself how many times has my intuition been wrong? Like scarily, never. It's that sooo subtle brushing aside and talking myself out of what I clearly already know that confuses. The truth, as always, already exists within. Huh. There I go. (self-pat on the back) :D

The Steinway grand I picked out in my high school days has Van Cliburn's autograph on the soundboard. It's sitting in my parents' home in Seattle. My mom used to be like, oh no you're not going anywhere with this piano it's one of the few things we have to lure you home with. I remember there was a phase when I was quietly staging a protest of my family having set up a base in Seattle by refusing to visit them there, and then one day my mom happily announced to me that the piano had been moved from Dallas to Seattle. I still think it belongs in Dallas. Dallas kind of grows on you. Of course it only took me 20 years and living everywhere else to really appreciate it but ok. Anyway, I have fond memories of our Steinway. I've just hugged it a little closer to my heart.

Here's another piano story. One of Rachmaninoff's old practice pianos is sitting hidden away in this old Hogsworth-style dormitory at Columbia med school. Artur Rubenstein donated it to the school when his daughter(granddaughter?) went there. One of the fewer unknown gems in Upper Manhattan. THAT piano kept my spirit alive when I felt all the medical textbooks (that I have since happily and diligently sold one by one on were going to bury me alive in an ocean of boredom. LOL. I'm being facetiously dramatic. It's as you say. I regret nothing.

My Life in Pianos (a la stream of consciousness). I can see it now... oh what oh what will I come up with next.... why though do I feel like it would be a major tearjerker. The depth of emotion is almost bottomless. The only way I could survive writing something like that would be to focus on the beauty and poignancy of it all. Not my nature to dwell on the past but I can see how it could turn out to be a rather beautiful and artsy piece.

This is terrible in a bad joke type of way. How come everytime I see people write ATE my first thought is what did everyone just eat?

LOL. Or all of this could come down to one line, an X number of years later in an article in the New Yorker: "In a blog she kept surreptiously hidden in a password-protected area on the website of Grammy-award-winning multi-platinum artist Josh Groban, she once described her experience at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons as being 'buried alive in an ocean of boredom.' "
I think my former classmates would find that pretty funny in a cathartic way. It'd be ok. The future votes I need are from the NYU neighborhood, not Washington Heights. Oh oh and then it would be fun to add somewhere, just for extra political effect: "Sigh, my one biggest regret was choosing Columbia over NYU....." double LOL. Really there is an element of sincerity in all of this!

Well Josh hope you have had a fantastic birthday in Paris, even if you may have spent most of it on Twitter. I'm the last to be talking some of us have mastered the art of amusing ourselves with nothing more than an internet connection, simply because sometimes it's just more fun and creatively stimulating. At any rate we all know it's been a fantastic birthday month and will be an even more fantastic year, so Happy Birthday with much love, hugs, and an abundance of wishes for joy, success, and happiness!

Awww that is the sweetest video. Big smiles. You're the only baby sloth in my heart, Josh. Don't ask it just came to mind and so compelled I am to share.

Busy day. One of those days when two advils aren't even making a dent. A little peace and quiet and should be all good shortly.


ok so this spam blocker thing basically blocks random comments. basically one could be writing anything and one could get blocked.
like, ????

spam thing is still acting up and I'm just spelling out thoughts on this foreign policy piece I'm putting together. It's much easier for me to write to someone than just stare at a blank sheet of paper, which is why this blog has been very helpful for that purpose. I think people find that to be usually the case- where you find a more authentic voice when you're speaking/writing talking to someone vs talking to a wall.

I love the rain. It's a process of cleansing for the earth. And the fact that there are so many great songs about rain. :)

so apparently other blog entry is still not working.

cutie :) hard at work.

was a bit preoccupied putting in a word on behalf of Ukrainians, Kurds, Tibetans, West Africans, and last but not least, our rhinos & elephants.

so here's my spiritual interp of the history of the world. so there were dinosaurs right and they were really cool but they eventually got too violent. so God used his meteor aka His eraser, wiped it all away and started over. He made animals smaller and furrier (the rise of the mammals) and also smarter (including homo sapiens). but as we see today humans still eventually started destroying everything, so the smarter and smaller has not made much of a difference. in fact, it has accelerated the destruction of the world such that He doesn't even need a meteor- we are destroying the world at an even faster rate than any scheduled meteor (God is patient He was actually planning to give it all another 100-200 million years before the next scheduled meteor was to hit earth). Meanwhile, He thought maybe this time if humans had the help of angelic guidance that might help to turn things around a bit. so here we are working overtime to try to reverse what has been the fate of every dominant species on this planet thus far.

as for the Adam & Eve story, I am with the Pope in that evolution & the story of Eden are not mutually exclusive. Somehow, it all fits together. Even if they may have played out in different dimensions.

Love All, Trust a Few.

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