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Happy Monday

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on October 14, 2012 - 9:57pm

Cipriani is in my neighborhood. On your left on 42nd and Lex you will see the historic Grand Central station beautifully refurbished in an effort led by Jackie O herself. Go down 44st street towards 1st Avenue and you will see the United Nations-- the tall building is the Secretariat building, and the flatter white building is the General Assembly building. Don't miss Tudor City, nestled just a little above 44st street, where you will find picturesque parks and a hidden gem of an Italian restaurant, L'Impero, where diplomats go for quiet more refined occasions. Also on top of one of the taller buildings of Tudor City is where they shot scenes from the first Spiderman movie-- the mansion of the Green Goblin. On 48th and 3rd is the former NYC office of US Senator Hillary Clinton, which now belongs to Senator Gillibrand. This is the neighborhood that holds everything I'm passionate about-- my past and my future. Welcome to my neighborhood Josh! Neighborhood say hello to Josh.

Congratulations again Josh and have a beautiful Monday!

Tri-lo-gy. Tri-lo-gy. Tri-lo-gy. The word keeps sounding off in my mind like a crowd's chant. These days when I pull up the news, my email, it's as if the word just appears without my even looking for it. Trilogy this. Trilogy that. As if it's trending and trending in the universe. If it's not perfectly spectacular, then it's not worth doing.

I'm craving a piece of walnut pie. When working, follow your gut. Even the food

Pretty much gone through most of the LM songs. About half-way through (the second part that is) scenes are getting a little more intense-- need more percussion-- something to work to that has more of a beat, more edge than LM, perhaps something more contemporary, but still retaining "medieval" undertones-- where's the happy medium? Think, think, think. My favorite line from Winnie the Pooh. Sometimes we all need to return to the state of Pooh. Or as it has been so eloquently suggested by the book of the same title,
the Tao of Pooh.
And just.


Back to writing!

Finished another fight scene last night. Those are fun. hehe. Now for those leading-up-to-climatic-moment moments (since the climatic moment has been written)- the "a-ha" scenes that have to be almost as powerful and the resolution scenes. Using a bit of a lot of things for these for inspiration-- your rendition of "Not While I'm Around"-- thankfully found a 2006 version on iTunes (I agree Barbara Cook totally looks beautiful and glowing and she also sounds FANTASTIC at her age- what a marvel); a lot of Sarah Brightman-- she is so mesmerizing when she performs I will never be not enchanted by her stage presence; and some kick-a broadway clips on Youtube.

The scene I'm working on now has been progressing in inches. Partly because there's a number of ways it could go, but seemingly only one way where it would be just perfectly powerful and poignant, so my mind's going through all sorts of scenarios of whether this happens or that before I actually put something down, inch by inch.

Got to the end of that scene. It's amazing how it just flows into the subsequent scenes that had already been written prior, as if that were the way they were supposed to go all along...

As I am nearing the end of the initial sketch of the second part, what's on my mind: what makes a work Oscar-worthy? I have been taught not to focus on awards as an end, but sometimes they can be helpful as an external benchmark with which to compare personal standards. I think in terms of the Oscars there is a fairly clear standard to be matched, although other factors of course come into play. Categories that come to mind: Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, the acting awards, Cinematography, to a lesser degree though still of interest, Costume and Special Effects... that helps me to organize in my mind key elements to consider as I'm working, in terms of what takes a work up to the next level. Grammys on the other hand I would not be able to comment as much on whether there is an "artistic standard" as it seems a bit more arbitrary -- for some reason I get the impression they are closely tied with record sales and therefore are perhaps a better indicator for which albums have "mass appeal," albeit not exclusively but for a large part?

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