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have to agree

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on January 21, 2013 - 10:49pm

Today is less of a power-charged day and more of a heart-filled, creative inspiration type of day. And so I follow, all the while consciously aware that my mind and heart are half a world away.

Rooting for you Josh for an exciting, wonderment-filled album release week!

The Moon's a Harsh Mistress is playing in my mind. Really enjoy the piano part and of course the singing. Getting in the mood to listen to your stuff again, not that I'm not usually but this is a more focused mood whereas usually I'm listening to a smatter of things working. And all in good time as I finally get to hear All that Echoes in less than 24 hours. :)

For some reason I didn't get to see the entire segment with Carly til now-- what a really nice full circle healing moment that was for her-- heart goes out for how you responded and the thoughtful heartfelt words you had for her-- just wonderful and speaks volumes.

Great interview with NYtimes Josh! A glimpse of NY is such a breath of fresh air right now. Makes me realize how much I miss being in the city and around New Yorkers.

Favorite LOL line of the New York Times interview: tears of joy on a French Horn-- fantastic indeed!
Sweetest line: "Always be nice." :)
(although I have to add my mind is creating a running list of caveats and especiallys to tag on to the end of this precious piece of advice)

Would you consider yourself a serious person who balances it out with lightness and humor because it's simply a more fun state of being, or a light-hearted person who can hunker down and be serious when it's necessary? My guess would be the first coz it's almost impossible to convey depth if one is by nature a light-hearted spirit.

Awww the puppy bowl. I watched that the last time you tweeted about it-- a year/two ago? Can't remember. Such precious huggie wuggie fuzzy wuzzies.

Accept the world for what it is. No more and no less. Fill it with beauty simply because you can.

All the best to you Josh in the coming exciting weeks-- will be there in spirit!

The thing about trying to do work in a cafe is, a lot of energy goes into trying to drown out the noise with music. Forget channeling. Try hearing my own thoughts.

Oh thank goodness. Enya does the trick, the rich broad spectrum of audio wavelengths it covers adequately drowns out high and low frequencies of background noise, and everything in between . I am transported back into my creative universe of angelic realms with trees rustling and sparkling with divine heavenly light. Thought it would take me a while but that was pretty good! (Gratuitous self-pat-on-the-back.)

Ok, not to sound un-humble about it, but I was born to write fantasy. I've only read fantasy for like, forever. Coming up with mythical creatures that I would love to see in the flesh? What was I procrastinating for? How could I have ever guessed as much? A part of me so lives in this stuff.

The crowd in the cafe has cleared. Little background noise left but soft murmurs and whispers. And all one is left with is the intensity of the creative reverie created by the music still playing on high volume in my earphones. So cool.

The most inspirational people in my life haven't been ones with fancy titles, educational degrees, but integrity and a tireless dedication to making the world a better place. Sometimes it's not always possible to stay in touch, busyiness, etc. but wherever we might be in the world, I know that somehow they know, the friendship, the support, the belief and the ability to see that which might be overlooked by those with a less discerning eye, are alive and well. There are stories here, so magical, honorable, and beautiful that they cannot help but want to be told.

Fascinating thing about using music to channel creative writing-- it's like I know whether a song presents a live channel the moment I listen to it, about where it goes in the sequence of events/storyline. I don't necessarily get the images right away but I know the quality of the scene/action in question. How do I feel about music being such a primary driver of the story-- only that for some reason it was meant to be this way, and that somehow all the pieces will fall into place if I keep plugging away.

Just thankful.

Something happened in the last week or so, like another stage of spiritual growth.To put it simply, I am beginning to understand the distinction between a bodhisattva and a buddha, and it was not what I expected, but it makes all the sense in the world. Still consolidating. Not quite sure what was the precipitating event, but I've come to a place of complete peace with regards to the energy in my world. Not even sure how to explain it, but I have no desire to push or struggle or reach out in any direction that would be considered "going out of my way." Ok, well I do actually, but it's a little too deep for written words and more likely than not will be misinterpreted. Still not sure what the precipitating event was, but perhaps that is not relevant. The need to strain in any way or try for anything that is against my natural flow of peace and calm has become completely irrelevant in my life. There is peace, spiritual protection, love, and support. There is nothing more I need to "do" for my life to be whole. I am simply guided to just "be."

Back home. Sigh of relief. Energy difference is staggering. LOL line of the day: "It's not my fault. Those stinkbugs were asking for it!!!" -- Tinkerbell

I'm thinking of a continent that begins with an "A" and ends with an "A." Then I realize that's practically every single continent:
Americas (OK North and South)

In fact, the only one that doesn't is Europe. It had to do an "E" thing. How about that?

RE: Design article. It seems to be upon me to let you know that driving a Porsche is not so very rock star. I know doctors who drive Porsches. Perhaps if it were a rarer kind of Porsche? At which point it would be beyond my radar because they frankly all look the same to me. But good to know that rock stars/musicians in general are living healthier these days!

Coming out to do some work in a cafe take two. Much better this time around. And I had to get this tofu tea snack that inevitably gives me a tummy ache but is just so yummy. Also ordered a desert, actually two. What else is one to do when I order one dessert and is given another as a suggestion. I'm like, ok, sure I'll try the new dessert on your menu, but I kind of wanted the first one too....upon which the lady reassures me I wouldn't look too much like a pig if I ordered both, as I could after all take one home. That's a big deal here because if you're one person and you order too much even if you're doing it for a group of people they will take the opportunity to stare at you with "P-I-G" written all over their faces, which for one who doesn't care about the weight implications, I tend to be like, sure go ahead and give me that look like I care, but actually I do prefer to avoid the unpleasant energy zing if I can.
So these people across from me finally left which is a relief. One lady kept staring at me-- kind of unnerving when people do that without even trying to pretend they're not-- I guess she was bored and feeling left out of their conversation. I dropped my coaster, upon which she stood up and I thought she was almost going to come over and pick it up for me, but I managed to avoid the possibility of that awkward scene by quickly swooping down and picking it up myself, to which she did an inconspicuous detour towards the magazine rack.
Munching over back to work.
LOL I had to come back and add this it was just too funny. Speaking of people staring I slightly turned my head to catch another lady staring at me. Her reaction was so completely opposite it was funny. She did a startled double-take and started lookingly everywhere around her kind of like, "What? What staring? Nobody was staring!"
Ok, I'm having too much fun amusing myself watching people stare at me. People-watching being people-watched is actually Very amusing. It makes me wonder sometimes, like, what is it? I know I have no make up on today, and my hair's a little wet coz I just stepped out of the shower, kind of into my backyard type of thing because essentially I'm in my backyard....I know people sometimes think I'm half-foreign sometimes and so they're probably wondering whether it's half-European or American or what, but then again, I'm certainly not the only Asian around to dye my hair so who knows where they got clue. Apple headphones to replace the ones I just lost-- no wonder I'm in a much better mood. I almost contemplated rhinestone studded headphones because that's how central headphones are to my life right now. But had to go with reliable sound quality over aesthetics. Of course, I don't get to listen to All that Echoes (sniff sniff) yet but at least it's some pretty rockin' Sarah Brightman.

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