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on October 26, 2012 - 9:41am

Hope you've had a great productive week finishing up your album Josh!

This past week on Twitter I've had to re-follow you twice. It was completely innocent and unintentional so I won't even go into the story of why I had to even re-follow you at all.....Just thought I'd mention as chances are it may happen again-- if you notice don't think anything of it as there is absolutely no sillly agenda attached to it--just happened and I'm thankfully aware enough to catch these things as they occur.

Sleep schedule's been off freakin tired. I need my 6-8 hours...more precisely, my body does. It refuses to wake up.

Just finished an initial sketch of all the major story scenes in part 2. I want to cry the ending is so beautiful. Still some tweaking of some scenes needed, some adding of a few supporting/embellishment scenes here and there for further character development. As I re-surface into parts 1 and 3 towards the end of part 2 I find it interesting I can channel to your music again. Couldn't do it for the most of the second part it was just a completely different world. "Not while I'm around" came in handy in perfect time and helped with the transition.

As developed as part 2 is I think I'm going to have to go back and fill in part 1-- I'd say half of it is there right now. Part 3 just barely started but the main idea and general storyline is there. Starting to think about things like presentation, timing.

Just watched Tinkerbell. Love John Lasseter's work. Character development, story, heart, plot twists and turns, visual wows that suddenly light up the screen ....everything is simply pristine. Simply magical. Whether it's Cars, the Tinkerbell movies (I am eagerly waiting for the next one), Bolt, awesome awesome awesome. What did I just learn-- yes it is possible to do a lengthy sequence with just music and no dialogue and still be expressive and captivate-- also it is workable to mix a little dialogue amidst a sequence with song vocals. And visual details-- small finishing touches that can add so much to a scene's completion and to character it love it love it!!!

Great article. This is why David Gergen is one of my heroes:

I'm back. Can I just say, wow. Beautiful country-- so spiritual. In the aftermath of 30 years of civil war, such a long way to go in terms of development. But the cultural arts-- dance, music, song, ancient traditions are so vibrant and so amazingly beautiful. A true testament to the human spirit-- enduring light through the darkness of war and tragedy. I'll post pictures when the camera comes back. Still regrouping and getting settled.

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