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Nov. 6

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on November 6, 2012 - 12:45am

Great proactiveness Josh!!! For the record, I'm a registered independent. It's all about the best person for the job for me I could care less about party. Still and you don't have to agree it's just a little something I factor into predicting who wins....I think tonight was to some level pre-determined in their respective individual destinies.

LOL Biden is great love his goofy smile his passionate advocacy of issues that matter to him and his wife and his foreign policy know-how. He's been around for too long to buy into the hype-- love that.

All indications are that Obama is going to win the presidential race Nov. 6, as I've been predicting.... Romney's strong performance in particular in the first debate made this a much closer race but Obama has maintained his advantage in the electoral college throughout. To grab the swing states Romney would have had to come to a more moderate stance on controversial issues-- namely abortion-- his team's uncompromising stance, which Ryan emphasized in the vp debates in mid-October when Romney's advancing edge started tapering off, meant he was unlikely to secure a majority of the swing/independent votes that could have swung the race more in his favor.

It's still so early in the day but my eyes are already glued to the screen. Close races are so exciting to watch.

OK now I'm rested and ready to get back to work!

My mind is reeling...politics, writing, things spiritual...still, the only way to go, one thing at a time...

Took an oil painting class last night. Been wanting to brush up on visual arts for a while..... FUN!!!

Cool electric guitar would love to see you play!!! Love that you try out new things. Why not!!!

Funny I was just reading that Conan O'Brien tweet in my feed when I think you retweeted it....Conan is so funny I used to watch his late night show all the time....there were a lot of shows I used to watch all the time-- like SNL (an older era of it when Mike Myers and Adam Sandler were still on the show), and then years ago the Carole Burnett show, Gilligan's Island, Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeannie, Three's Company, Family Ties, Facts of Life. I haven't even gotten into the cartoons or game shows. My gosh I used to watch a lot of tv. Then either I've changed or tv's changed or both. I also read a lot when I was young....kind of makes me wonder how I had time for anything else....that was before my private school days when the homework hit and then I didn't have anytime for any of that anymore. But in my high school days I did make time for a lot of piano-- those were the days when I would approach four-hour practice sessions-- a thing of the past. Will I get back into it I don't know we shall see there's just too much going on right now but I'd like to. Rachmaninoff and Chopin are amongst my favorites so thanks for sending that video yesterday I did enjoy watching that. Of course Beethoven and Mozart and...once you start getting into the literature it's just endless. But at the top of my list-- Rach 2 piano concerto.

Just rambling right now a little too much on my mind. I have to get this trip next week confirmed and prepared for and it's turning out to be mostly a politically focused trip. I'd love to reach out to you through work channels but it's like the project isn't quite ready to be presented yet and as much as I'd love to meet up with you this trip I can't present something that I don't think is beautifully sparkling and ready to be presented yet-- it's getting there just not finished. So I don't know what to do...hopefully something will come to me that I can do between now and this week but again I don't want to rush the creative process or jump the guns on it. You could make this easier on me by reaching out first....even if it's just to say hi....But somehow I'm not expecting it I feel like we're both a bit too professional to approach things that way if you know what I mean....It's one thing to say hi but it's another thing to overlook professional considerations for the sake of just saying hi....I think you understand what I'm saying right? In other words, if I could contact you directly that'd be a no-brainer for me just to pick up the phone and say hi I'd love to meet with you can we set up a city and date, but since I have to go through your work peoples my professional ducks have to be in a row and the work has to be ready. So let's just say if for some reason I'm not able to reach out by the time this trip takes place rest assured you will be in my thoughts the entire time.

Cool that's really awesome you're feeling good about your songs. joy joy joy :)
Not talking about whatever silly boyish thing you just posted but in general...

In my favorite hotel in a room with my favorite view of my favorite memorial-- the Jefferson Memorial, that is. YES. I"M IN HEAVEN. I went back and forth about where to stay and whether to go to NY and I'm so glad I went with my gut reaction on this. Just no time to think about fixing up my DC place right now. Tired but happy I'm going to be pushing myself these next few days....

Almost went tonight to NY too-- you beat me to it. back to work focus focus focus. I've another meeting in DC on THursday and didn't want to lose the focus here but I should be in NY by Thursday evening....In the meantime I'm writing as fast as I can....

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