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on November 27, 2012 - 6:52pm

In the past year or so, I think I have satisfied every single food craving so completely and comprehensively that I am now sitting here thinking, I do not even know where to begin to think about what food to eat. Not even sour gummy candy. Wait- there's one-- chocolate. With all the intense brainwork I've been doing of late, I've been on a constant sugar hunt to feed my mind with an endless supply of glucose-- the simple sugar form of it that I believe most quickly and instantly crosses the membrane barrier into the brain.Chocolate seems to have a high concentration of simple sugars. Don't make me have to verify or confirm this through research please-- I've done an intense amount of it today and yesterday. So much so I'm welcoming the return to my little world of pixie dust....sparkle sparkle pling pling sprinkle sprinkle sing-a-ling-a-ling.... so the silly mood continues...or rather, counter and balance out the very intense seriousness I've been in the last 24 hours....whew somebody please get this 8000 lb elephant off my shoulders....oh wait never mind I already dropped it off at the curb and kissed it goodnight. play again another day!

eating guava slices listening to audrey's moon river on my headphones staring idly into the eyes of a lemur on my computer screen. #THISISJOY

this is so fun...have I mentioned? So grateful for the opportunity to just focus on being creative for a while. AND keep a hand in what's happening in the world? So grateful period! Thank you universe. Very very much.

Great article from billboard. Finally get to see a glimpse of what you've been working on....:) That's very cool that you take straight improvisations and add them to the recordings. I guess having spent much of my life in the classical music world I've always had the idea and expectation in my mind that music compositions had to be written out to the exact note, rest, fermata. Being a perpetual improviser the idea of using direct recordings of improvised playing frees things up UNBELIEVABLY. Like you have no idea because the thought of putting structure to my playing when playing or trying to write out the structure note by note makes me want to just groan, but the thought of doing it afterwards and adding stuff to it in the mixing stage just opens up the possibilities. Of course my stuff has a very personalized signature that works only for very specific projects, ie one of my other projects that also is more of a personalized signature type of project (more succinct words escape me at the moment) -- ie the one I dreamt about that I had mentioned in an earlier post. So thanks so much that was a true creative gem for me! I'm excited now! Makes me want to go straight back to the piano! But like I said that's like the fourth project in line right now....although I've an inkling I'll sneak it in next week somehow....

Wonderful straight from the heart op-ed by Angelique Kidjo. What an important lesson from her father. Words that ring with truth are incredibly powerful. Thanks for sharing!

Coming here is part of the process of opening up the creative channel. Just not the same magic without my doing so....for now, very little to say. Just feeling and appreciating the beauty of the infinite fantastical depths within the mind.

hahaha fascinating neuroscience piece. I put away my neuroscience books a long time ago. All that neuroscience anatomy info software with medulla oblongatas and amygdalas and frontal and prefrontal lobes-- just stored away in dusty corners of my mind. Perhaps the most interesting part of that course for me was to learn how fingerwork involved in playing the piano gets mapped into the brain. Thing is, the brain is so adaptable it can map and remap if needed. So how can we possibly reduce it down to a simple science? Perhaps one of the most flabbergasted conversations I've ever had was when my college piano professor was questioning me about the nature of science and whether there was such a truth as science. Being the good little premed I remember defending science to my utmost but I wasn't doing a very good job. I couldn't answer his questions. Those were probably amongst the most brilliant questions I've ever heard.

Listening to some of these songs you're covering in your new album. Falling Slowly- So very sweet. :) Stevie Wonder's-- a classic I'm sure it will sound simply marvelous. Hollow Talk will be very interesting what you do with your interp of it. Looking forward to your originals of course. Congrats again!!! :)

Doing things a little early-- time zones a bit too challenging to keep track of these days! Not to mention I've never been that great with time anyway. It's an old soul thing. When one begins to take an infinite view of time, things like clocks, watches, stop mattering so much, except when it does to the outside world. Like I feel like I should wear a watch, but can't get myself to do it and haven't for years. Let's just say my sense of time is more intuitively driven than anything else, and it's served as a pretty good alarm clock all things considering!

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