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You must be kidding me

padmejyh's picture
on December 14, 2011 - 7:18pm

Today as I made another quick two-minute trip to my deli-- this time for a pack of chicken from the freezer and coffee-- guess who's O Holy Night comes on, for the second day in a row. So either the radio is playing Josh's O Holy Night every other Christmas song, or the Universe is trying to tell me that coincidences mean something. What I have no clue. Only that whether I'm in Africa, Asia, or blocks away from home, I can expect something Josh to emerge from virtually out of nowhere at any given moment, timed with inexplicable precision to the minute to my entry....

This can mean only one of two things: A) it's a gift from the Universe or B) it's incredibly pervasive marketing by the ubiquitous presence that is Warner Bros., complete with UV light sensors that distinguish Josh Groban fans from non-fans and communicates through satellite to broadcast systems across the world for one's listening pleasure.

Ever the eternal optimist and believer despite my relentless scrutiny of all that seems beyond our realm of concrete comprehension, I choose A. Thank You Universe for the inexplicable and often unexpected moments of inspiration that are sent our way.

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