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Heaven on Earth

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on March 14, 2010 - 8:15pm

Upon awakening today I felt that I must visit one of my favorite places… the coastal redwoods. To spend time alone in the forest is the only way to gain the full essence of these majestic giants.

Sit quiet, motionless and the forest comes alive. Wildlife is preparing for spring with birds ruffling and preening their feathers as they begin their courtship rituals in beautiful song. While others, who have found their mates, are busily gathering nesting materials. A red tree squirrel, thin from a long winter, is desperately searching for a morsel of food. Mule deer are indulging on new and tender bright green foliage. The sun’s rays shine a warm glow between trees and light the translucent wings of insects as they hover in clusters. Sounds of a woodpecker chiseling out a hollow tree, resonates through the forest. Just beyond the trees, the rushing waters of a nearby river, brimming from recent rains. The tides of the winds quickly change as it begins to howl with a desolate sound though the tiny redwood needles 300 feet high in the forest canopy. And then the wind finds its way downward toward the forest floor, carrying with it the sweet fragrance of redwood, bay and cedars. A loud crack and branch from these giants falls to the ground with enough authority to briefly bring an eerie silence to the forest. In the distance a hint of civilization with the forlorn whistle of the narrow gauge steam engine working its way up Bear Mountain. I leave the shelter of the forest canopy to lie in a nearby meadow. There is a glimmer of spring as the sun is warm and I am mesmerized by the new tall grasses that sway in the breeze.

Today, I have once again used a perfect combination for gathering serenity… to behold the seasons of nature while listening to Josh Groban sing, bringing to my mind, a day of… heaven on earth.

jr 3/14/2010

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