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Just feel like writing …

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on April 10, 2010 - 10:49pm

Tonight, as I was driving to one of my client’s home for dinner, I was enjoying the gorgeous scenery along the county road and thought that I would write about it when I returned home.

I drive this road almost every day to work but tonight was exceptional with a storm brewing above. The wind whipping through the redwood trees and as I look up into them, I see dark clouds blowing in across the sky with their undersides lit up in colors of rose, apricot, pink and lavender as the sun sets far out on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. Every bend in the two lane road holds wonder of what could be head; a possible down tree or limb leads me to drive with extra caution. New spring grasses growing along the road side with the occasional California poppy and mountain lupine mixed in. The red tree bark stands out against the green foliage of the forest.

As I approach the last curve in this part of the road I can see just past the redwoods into the valley ahead where there is an apple orchard in full bloom. Only a week ago the first few buds were desperately reaching for the warmth of the sun to open them, and now they appear to have just reached their potential as the branches are covered in blossoms as if draped in a white blanket. The scents from the apple blossoms fill the air with sweet pleasure. I can only hope that the coming storm tonight does not destroy them. On the other side of the road is another farm of olive trees and lavender, but it is too early for the lavender to bloom. As I continue to the end of the little farm rich valley, a covey of California quail run across the road in front of my car; I slow down for them all to cross safely. I love this time of day when the shadows are long, stretched out across the countryside and I truly feel grateful to be able to live in such a beautiful place.

I reached my destination to have dinner with my client who had prepared a delicious meal of fresh steamed artichokes from Castroville, Ca. (aka: the artichoke capital of the world) located here on the central coast; and curried chicken with sautéed mushrooms over a bed of rice.

Now, I am back at home listening to … guess who? … on … Live at the Greek, while I write about my drive through the little valley of coastal redwoods and farms.

April 10, 2010

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