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My sympathies to all who have been stricken with the aggravating situations.

Per.Sempre.Josh.Fan.Jan's picture
on March 16, 2010 - 11:10pm

Thank you to those who have read and enjoyed my little adventures. Perhaps they gave you a moment to escape the woes of this week. I too have had an odd unfortunate situation where the septic tank from my landlords house back up into my apartment through all the plumbing. By now you know that I can be very descriptive, but I will spare you the details with this one and just say... Nasty!! That is what I came home to Sunday night after spending such a peaceful time in the redwoods. But, believe it or not, that was nothing compared to my past experiences that by some miracle I managed to live through.

There are some in my world who do not understand how profoundly positive Josh has effected my life, yet others have witnessed firsthand the encouraging essence of Josh that washed through me from his work and energy and restored my spirit. Even so, I feel that there are more here that know exactly what I mean when I write about how he, through his music, has inspired me to write and brought happiness back into my life. I have always enjoyed his music from his first album on. But, it was his Awake live DVD that reached out to me at a vital time in my life.

Josh is a true soul who, through his music, style and voice shows his compassion which touched my heart and soul with a force strong enough to jolt me out of a depression that was slowly drowning me. There is nothing like the feeling that there is someone who truly cares, and to convey it so positively through songs, as Josh does is true talent. There is not a day that goes by without my thanking Josh for brightening my world.

I send my sympathies to all who have been stricken with the aggravating situations that have been occurring this week. All I can suggest is, if you’re having a down moment, the best cure is to… listen to Josh!

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