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All That Echoes -- my review

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on February 11, 2013 - 9:11am

Long anticipated by fans, Josh Groban’s sixth studio album, All That Echoes, was released on Tuesday, February 5.

Don’t you love the title? I won’t say that Josh has been reading my blog, Wake of Echoes, but I will say that great minds think alike. I got my copy in the mail Monday (happy dance) and have since pretty much hijacked my husband’s fancy stereo.

When an artist has a fan base that ranges from tweens to great grandmas, there’s always a chance that he’ll begin to appeal to one end of that spectrum at the expense of the other – especially when new producers are involved, which has been true of both his fifth album, Illuminations (Rick Rubin), and All That Echoes (Rob Cavallo)*.

But not to worry. Josh is not a wedding singer, an opera wanna-be or a Vegas gonna-be. He’s not going to press an album every two years filled with easy-listening vanilla, just because it would sell.

All That Echoes solidifies Josh’s genius as a musician, not a crooner, though his voice is unparalleled. It pushes, explores and creates without alienating. It draws on all of his strengths, with exquisite orchestration that compliments a voice more tuned to my ear every year.

The title hints at its content – echoes of all that Josh has done before and all that we can expect in the future. This long-time fan is excited to see it all unfold on tour soon. (Please come back to Boise, Josh!)

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