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About me

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on January 8, 2014 - 9:50pm

I love JG music since first hearing "To Where You Are". I had never heard a voice so wonderful and warm. Since then I have every major CD of his. There are times when I wish I knew what some of the words that are not in English mean, but then I listen to his voice weaving around the orchestra and it just carries me away. In the true vision of classical music you are transported to a different place and perhaps time and the music holds you there until it is over, and sometimes leaves you wanting more. It is like the music of "Clare de Lune" always makes me cry, to me it is one of the saddest pieces of music ever written.

Besides music, I love gardening and am a multi-crafter, playing with beads, card-making, all of the needle arts, from crochet to knit to embroidery, painting, stained glass, plus many more. Every year I try to pick up a new craft.

I love being able to play in the dirt of my flowerbeds. My motto there is that there is always room for one or two more flowers. My CD player accompanies me in my forays into the flowerbeds, and you know which CD's I play most often.

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