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Josh Look- A- Like

JimandLori's picture
on August 9, 2011 - 2:58pm

My son Jim, a Buffalo musician, is often told he looks like Josh Groban, especially when he is performing. After searching on the web, we couldn’t get over how much the two of them looked alike, both curly brown hair and with a similar build, height, and facial features. I would be forever hooked on the song, “You Raise Me Up."

When learning that Josh was coming to the HSBC Arena in Buffalo N.Y. to perform, we were thrilled and immediately bought tickets. On the day of the concert, I was running late from my job and arrived shortly before show time. Frantically, I searched the arena parking ramp for a space, only to find it was all full. In my frenzy, somehow I took a wrong turn at top of the ramp and ended up going the down the wrong way. However, after surviving my mishap, low and behold, there was one lone parking spot back at bottom of the garage.

Groban’s performance was amazing. He made it a very personal experience with being so interactive with the audience. After the show, we headed toward my treasured parking space with the echoes of the music still resonating in our minds. As we approached my vehicle, I just happened to notice there were a few people gathered at a nearby gate. One by one, Josh’s band members were exiting the arena. “What are the chances I thought to myself as we joined the few fans standing there?”

Just like my meant-to-be parking spot, Josh Groban walked out the door to sign autographs. With a phone camera and the flood-light for “Illumination” Josh graciously posed for a "Look-A-Like" photo with my son, Jim.

Thank you Josh for the kindness you showed us--a memory that will last a lifetime and the “Straight to You" tour that truly hit home with more than just a striking resemblance.

God Bless,
Lori Jagow

PS I have added a few photos of Jim in which the resemblance is clearer.

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