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God's Beauty

Jodiann's picture
on November 1, 2011 - 10:00am

I sit by my window and look out to see
All of God's Beauty that surrounds me
I am thankful for another day...
God has greeted me with such wonder
Songs of delight from his winged Angels
That will soon take flight...

Season are changing...
Colors of all including; Gold, Yellow, Red, and Brown
Sing within my soul
Some laying it down
White crystal soon to glistens my window frames...
At ths very moment, Greenery sits before it all

She is standing, Proud and Tall
Housing the Angels that sing the song
And keeping them protected
From the elements that can do them harm

For they greet with a song of Peace
Joy fills their windows,
They know what it is to be free
Still yet when they venture out...
The breeze directs their flight ever so gently about

Almost like God saying "I am here to give you a lift"
I will provide you everything...
Even with a song and gentle kiss

I Thank God for the Angels that come to my window

By Jodiann

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