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on January 27, 2010 - 11:27pm

I thought I'd stop by Josh's website to see if there was any news on a new album. Sounds like he's working on one. I can't wait to hear it. I figure since I love this guy that I would sign up to be a member of the fan club. I idolize this guy so much that I actually recorded my own Josh Groban tribute CD last year with an incredible vocal instructor here in Palm Springs. I do understand how the recording process can take a long time. I was using karaoke tracks and the editing alone took several months. I can't imagine how long it takes with all the musicians and writing involved. My instructor had to council me several times during the project cause I would be disappointed on how I sounded. He reassured me that even attempting to do Josh's music is something most people wouldn't try. My problem was I idolized Josh so much that I'm extremely envious of his golden voice and I wanted desperately to sound like him . After a while I had to realize that I sound like me, not Josh.

I cannot wait to hear the new album and I really can't wait to see him live again. He puts on a great show.

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