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Cat Diaries

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on January 4, 2010 - 5:05am

Bertie is a half feral cat that turned up on my doorstep last February in all the snow we had then, as a small kitten. I don't know how old he is exactly, but I guess his first birthday would be around this time of year.

Despite my daily trying to get him to come into the house, he just simply refuses. I can get him into the hallway just inside the door, but as soon as I begin to close the door he changes from quite a docile cat into something which could ravage an elephant. So I made a little home for him outside last year, but this year the weather seems to have been even colder. I've found myself worrying about him and for the past two weeks getting up in the night to make sure he hasn't died of hypothermia (Go on you can call me a daft bugger, I'll let you). I can honestly say that I am not at my best at around two in the morning, in my nighty and dressing gown, sitting on my knees in the freezing cold garden. I stick my hand into his little home, never knowing whether it'll come out in one piece, just to make sure he's alright. He always has been but he gives me that look that only cats can do. 'Yes I'm alright, I was fast asleep until you stuck your hand into the middle of my face - thanks for nothing'

So last week I had a bright idea, I bought a 13.5 tog single quilt and tacked it around the inside of his little home, just to give it that extra little bit of lagging. Great idea I thought now he'll be warmer. Bertie on the other hand disagees with me. After the first night of quilted laggingness, when I opened the door Bertie was sat there on the doorstep. ' Do you see what you went and did' he asked me. ' Made my home all nice and cosy and now look what's happened, every blooming cat in the neighbourhood is in there all nice and cosy and I can't get in can I, can I heck' I guess he didn't appreciate all my efforts.

So I am back to square one as to how to make him a little bit warmer without inviting all the cats in the neighbourhood into his little home at the same time.

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