You think you know…but you have no idea.

You think you know…but you have no idea.

You think you know... from Josh Groban on Vimeo.

You think you know…but you have no idea.

I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work. Duct Repair Seattle

You know sir,?...Maybe you should consider a little vacation, with all of your stress. I don't really have any idea what would be best for you, but I just wanted to let you know I care. I hope things are getting better.

My family is looking forward to your album, when it is time.

Sorry bout my Mom's niece being...well you know...She is going through the meanapaws change, and is a very passionate one about so many things. A bit of an embarrassment to the family at times, but she means well, and we love her.

Hello again to Sweeney...

Do take care...



I sent you a dollar a day.

Hey Josh,

Great to see you - but you look kinda tired even though you said you're getting more sleep . Take care of yourself. Spring's not far off ! Can't wait for the new music !!!!!!

TTFN !!! : )

Debbie S.

happy 29th birthday josh.
your such a amazing and magnificent singer..
more blessings to come and continue to be an inspiration to us.
have a great year ahead of you and god bless
wish to meet you in person josh

greetings from philippines


Found Grobans music last fall after losing my job. A blessing of timing. We all have challenges in life and my plate was pretty heavy, personally, etc. His music has brought light to some trying days.
With due respect to all, I am just a fan of the music and the man and not into all the banter. Seems like there's alot of judging, preaching, and all on these boards. Senior fans, perhaps well meaning, make some coddling, belittling remarks, (some). I'm (not wearing the I heart Groban T-shirt, as one fan posted about the middle aged), but if I chose to, so what? Wear it at 100, if you like. Music has no age limits.
Regardless, the common bond hopefully is the best interest of the man and his art.
I'm posting this Birthday Thank you here, as I don't know where else to put it.
The first 2 verses, honestly, popped in my head listening to Katy Lang do Halleluia at the Olympic opening. (She sings it Beautifully!) so Halleluia to Groban!

Grobans' Dance
Josh Grobans' turning 29-
Still young, yet like a seasoned wine;
He's rare and with a voice that goes right thru ya.

What do I know? I'm just a fan.
Drawn in to hear the Music Man,
And baske within the joy his song will do ya.

He says that he cant dance-
yet he keeps it all so "real."
He has mastered his art, in a difficult world;
It's gotta be hard to deal.
What grace.

Cheers to you Josh and God Bless Ya.
You move the clouds,
A shooting star,
I wish upon it to Thank You,
Thanks for Being who You are.

Happy Birthday Groban--Happy Year.

If you want to sing alone in the forest for the rest of your life because it makes you happy, so be it-- you've shared plenty already.
That is of course, my belief, not my preference.
Best wishes, P.A.H.

Hello Josh,

My name is Tara. I am also a professional singer(unkown of course) but I want to tell you to take as much time as you need for your album to be exactly how you want it. I know how long it takes to write, arrange, mix, and record not to mention redos. I'm sure whatever you do and no matter when it is released, we will love it. I appreciate you taking your time to make it what the fans expect of you, which is that total "Joshness"!

If you ever need a Mexican, female soprano, in her early 30's for a duet...look up Tara Unger on Facebook from Las Vegas :) I would at least like to sing in the choir of "You Raise Me Up" like my friend from Basic High School that got to...wench! JK

Take care,


No offense intended, Josh, but are you taking care of yourself? I hope it's just the web cam, but you look haggard - especially around the eyes - like you are sleep deprived. Of course, the scruffy beard doesn't help , but that's not what I am referring to.

Do you have a way of de-stressing every day - maybe getting away by yourself for 10 or 15 minutes to meditate (or just do deep breating) - something that lets you get inside of yourself and find your inner calm. Hopefully you have a spot where you can find a few minutes of privacy for yourself. I don't know if you would have this luxury, but when I need to get away - and I'm not home - I go to my car. I can sit back, close my eyes, and just relax for a few minutes.

As is everybody here, I am looking forward to your next CD, but take your time and don't let people who are only concerned about themselves pressure you into moving with it more quickly than you are comfortable. However, recognize when it is very good. It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect - your "very good" will probably be way beyond our expectations. I've heard you say that you tend to overthink things. Don't let that striving for perfection cripple your creativity. Balance. Always remember to balance everything in your life.



I am new to this site and I don't know if Mr. Groban actually reads these messages or not but this is directed more to his fans. Yes, I listen to his music almost daily, so I am a "fan" also but.....
I have been reading all the postings and watched some of the blogs and honestly found myself disappointed in the complete idolization that many of you have for Mr. Groban. I had hoped that his fans would be, like myself, more respectful and mature. I have the utmost admiration and respect for what Mr. Groban has been able to do with his God given gift. However, many of you seem to have forgotten that he is just a man (a very young man at that) who is doing his job and I hope following his passions. Just as a Doctor uses his gifts to help heal people, Mr. Groban is using his gifts to entertain and inspire people. To make him more than that and put him high on a pedestal is both disrespectful and harmful to both him and yourselves. This goes for all persons in the entertainment field. I worked in this field (and got out) and have friends and family that are/were in this industry and I have seen the damage first hand that complete idolization can do to the entertainer and the fans. It can really damage people's lives.
You can admire and respect what you know of the person (their public image)and enjoy their work (in this case music) but do not make more of an entertainer than that. It is highly doubtful that Mr. Groban is going to accept a marriage proposal made over the internet from a person he doesn't and likely never will know. Neither is it productive to say that you will love him forever because you don't know him. Quite honestly it is disrespectful and embarrassing to everyone (not quite as bad as that Chris guy with his "leave Brittany alone" video, but...... I hope you get the idea, idolization is bad, respect is good).
None of us are likely to ever meet Mr. Groban, let alone get to know him as a friend, so we have no right to place expectations on him or any other entertainer, past the point of doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. So, I guess my point in all this is let entertainers live their lives and do their jobs without the added pressure of being someone's "idol". No one can live a happy life under a microscope and if they choose to share part of their private lives with us, then kudos to them, but don't expect it. Let's all be respectful and mature fans.

flashing this..curly you know it makes me mad to be directed to this holier than though stuff.

I couldn't agree more! I have been trying to get that very same point across. Thanks for putting it so eloquently.

I am glad that there are other people on this site that have the same moral compass that I do.

Revisiting this blog it's great to read positive thoughts. Anticipation can be a great thing, like waiting for a present. After all it's not like we don't have the best to listen to while we wait for new. Hard to imagine how you will top what you have done. But you will, we know. Love the back ground music you select. Josh hope everything is going as you want and still have time to enjoy. Love being a Grobanite, have talked to many nice people here. Good people do still exist. I believe in positive energy, so here comes a huge positive hug your way and God Bless! Jackie

Hey Josh,

No need to explain, your talent and efforts need to be presented in the best possible way. Moonbeams don't just happen, there are always powerful forces at work. You're looking tired, Babe. I'd love to take you to Slumberland. Keep up the excellent work, Josh. We love you and good things come to those who wait.
Before the world of technology, artists didn't hear every cheer or jeer. Good thing, really.

Keep Smiling, Love Mango XXXXX

I again ask everybody to PLEASE - wait for Josh to give us a release date and tour dates also! The MAN is very good at what he does - so PLEASE be PATIENT! All of us want the same thing - to hear his new MUSIC and to see him in Concert also! Josh - I was wondering if you will ever put out - "A VIDEO COLLECTION" of all your music to date? I think - it would be a great addition to your MUSIC! You have a GREAT VIOCE and A SEXY and Gorgeous BODY! I think you are the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! I can't wait too see you in Concert! A Devoted Fan - Always! I LOVE YOU! LISA

Dear Josh,
I would like to ask you wheter you are planning in near future to have a concert in Europe, somewhere near Austria, Slovakia or Czech republic?
Thank you and wishing you all the best.
With love,

Josh, your new album is worth waiting for. I hope it will be platinum just like your other achievements. Sending my best wishes for you.

Take care.

After watching your latest blog, I felt a sense of disappointment in those fans who continuously put demands on you. Those of us who truly respect you as the incredible artist you are, we will patiently wait for the next album to arrive Josh. Because you are meticulous as far as your work goes, we know that when you release an album, it will be spectacular!!! I, for one, can wait.

Keep on keeping on Josh! Some may have to dig deeper to find their patience...


I had no idea… but I’m getting the picture. I have been working on a project for a year and a half. I have the end in sight and I have been running into delays and setbacks that I had no idea would take so long to remedy. My project is minuscule compared to the grandeur of yours, but the stress level is high. This is my first time of trying to do something like this and it is extremely important for me to complete it.

I can sympathize with you only because I now know a bit of what you are going through and send you my heartiest wishes for you to get through your work in progress without any more stressful delays.

It is important to de-stress, get into a different environment. Mine are to walk on the beach or in the forest. It has been especially peaceful and refreshing with the recent rains. Find your de-stressing place Josh and visit it often, it will help to stave off the effects of stress.

From one who does now understand...a bit more.
Take care!

I didn't get a chance to watch the video yet, but I had to comment on the title. This exact saying used to be my catch phrase for the longest time. Just wanted to say :)


You have an amazing voice and have done a lot of good deeds. Keep up the good work.

Take care.

Since you are asking for venting I have something to say. I feel communication could be improved here by an adminstrative response to some of the comments. Is that possible? I was concerned about the blind listeners comment in the "Behind the Scenes" video, about how they were having trouble, and I saw no response. Possibly a "warmer" community atmosphere in the blog area, could be offered in some way here at your web-site? It seems so one sided. Josh, I think it would be nice if you could even say hello to your fans now and then, especially when things like the blind question come into play here. Not everyone can afford to join the "community", and some would still like to be connected, I think. I know you are busy, but it might be nice if you could hang out with your fans openly occasionally? Someone in admin. could point you to critical concerns, like the blind listeners question? A sentence, now and then for important issues, might nice. Just a suggestion.

Also some venting did occur earlier in this blog, and it was deleted. Bright Star said something really nice to someone who was in distress, and it was clicked away. It did not seem fair. I know you have terms and conditions to follow as legal protection as a company, but some things were deleted and somethings were left that made no sense to me, when I look down this blog. This will continue to be a forum of, as you say "groupie" comments, if this keeps happening. If you allow lively debate, and concern, maybe a controversial discussion now and then, interest might spark from more people around the world. Good for business and humanity? But maybe legal interests have to take the forefront over free human interaction and expression here. That concerns me.

Take Care

First, I want to say that you are an amazing artist. Second, thank you for keeping us up-to-date on the new music and the whole process.I hope that a U.S. tour will follow the new album.

My two cents,

I find your honesty, loyalty, and dedication to your fans refreshing. It seems like a lot of celebrities get caught up in themselves and forget where they came from. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and to know what is important. You are very likeable and that is why you have such an amazing fanbase (in addition to your musical talent of course).

So congrats on all of your success and remember that you cannot please everyone all of the time.

I look forward to hearing the new material and hopefully getting to see a live show.


Josh, when are you coming to Brazil?? Please don't forget us in your next tour.

Love your high-quality/inspirational/truly meaningful music. All the best to you.


Love your music Josh. Hope everything is working out for you. I'm new to this whole thing but it'll be cool to see your next update.

~ April

We all love you, Josh! And I think most of us appreciate the time and effort that you always put into your music! It becomes evident when we hear the final product. The best is always worth waiting for!
Happy Birthday to us this month!!

I stumbled across this comment on YouTube 2008 Bridges School Concert excerpts. Left it for you on Twitter, also, but I'm including it here because I'd really love for you to read it and think seriously about it. I respect your caution looking forward to finding music suited to your voice and, of course, when you write it yourself -- well, then, it's clearly suited to you. And I imagine you don't want to apportion a lot of studio time to doing covers. Please read this comment and know that I've been hearing it more and more, especially during this new Josh music hiatus we're having now. :)

"it's amazing how well Josh fits into a rock band like The Smashing Pumpkins. It really shows that he can do anything... and he should do more of this kind of songs if you ask me"

Agree completely. (And I don't think the author of this comment was necessarily a Groban fan before that concert.) I just feel that when it comes to music, if you like it, you can do it.


MarieAlicia AKA CaesarsWife


Hey Josh,

Congratulations on your Foundation for Haiti Relief. I'm looking forward to seeing the new song that will raise more money and items for this cause. John Trovolta was on David Letterman last night and was so impressed by what he has provided.

As you, I was extremely happy that the Saints won the NFC Championship game. It was trilling to watch.

I'm from Michigan and am a huge University of Michigan fan. As a graduate, I attend all home games.

FYI, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner, Mark Ingram attended the same high school that I did.

I am fortunate to have a summer home on Higgins Lake and we attend numerous concerts at Interlocken.

I absolutely love your music and believe that you are the best male vocalist ever heard.

Best of luck in all your efforts and look forward to you're next DVD and tour.

Karen Killinger

Excuse me, as a professional, I feel we should all ...remember... to laugh in times of stress. Some of our finest comedians, even raise awareness about this issue.

I leave you with this Mayo Clinic link, as a reminder. Y'all take take now.


PS Parents should be in charge of what their children are allowed to see. Do not put that responsibility on the child, please.

Hi Josh...
I can't believe I have just discovered this site. I picked up the link from your myspace page. Thank you for making me smile today...I loved your blog ("You think you know...but you have no idea"). It was so cool of you to invest your time and energy into showing your fans that you truly respect us and you care about making us happy. I think most people can appreciate all the work and red tape that is involved in producing a new CD, so don't worry about it. I am content to listen to the CDs I have for now because I know there is a special present waiting for me soon...the gift of your new CD which I will go out and buy as a gift to myself when it is released. Good things are worth waiting for and you are far better than "good".


You seem so stressed about pleasing everyone. The reason we've all gotten to this place is because you care so much and we LOVE you! Don't forget to take care of yourself and your needs. Don't burn out on us, we want you long term. You ALWAYS make us proud to be "Grobanites". You have never made me embarrassed to be your fan. I'm sending out a big warm hug for you and a belly rub to Sweeney.


Susan Riner

At the other side of the oceaan whe als have singers who move us with there music and lyrics You have to listen,
Milow is 28 years old and from Belgian as he had lived in U.S.A
than he would as sucsesfull as you are, with his own style

The last one:
God left it's place




Dear Josh,so nice to see you there,when you are smiling and it is so amazing to hear you,when you talking to us:-)
Many thanks for this,for the Time,you take for us..for your great Heart,for everything,you are.
For myself,I can say...I love you and your Charakter,
you warm,your smile..
Please dear always the Josh,
you are...we Grobanites,who loves you with all of our hearts..we can wait forever,
because we want,that you are happy and you can take Time,so much,as you need.
I'am very proud to be a Grobanite:-)

May all Angels protect you,lovely Josh,and your family and friends too.

don't worry about anything and everything would be alright. It's enough that you are a special person that can't be found easily in this world nowadays.
may all your fears fade away.
Thanks for everything...

Hmmm yes there is no need to post rude comments. We all know what is going on in Haiti right now and it is not good. Everyone just do their own part as best that they can.


Thanks a lot for your support on this. Someone needs to do something about it before some kids get on the site, or some reporters come here who will say something negative about Josh and this site, or there could perhaps be other ways it could cause trouble. I have already scrapped the project I was having my own students do using this site for ideas for helping Haiti, and I am sad about that. If you know of any other ways to get attention, please try, OK? I notified the global moderators and I have tweeted Josh. Still nothing has been done. I really don't know how to get in touch with anyone with any authority. Thanks again, and all the best.


You are a great human being! The voice is just the icing on the cake. I hope you have a great experience with lending your vocal cords! I cannot wait to hear the new version!

Take care!

Hey, I can't believe you actually read these and will see what I write.. It's incredibly cool.

I currently am attending an Arts academy in NC and am a voice major. After I was introduced to your music quite a few years ago when I was really young, I fell in love with a style of music that held so much emotion and took actual singing ability. I worked extremely hard and practice everyday, I'm trained in classical and opera.. But we also do a section of musical theatre. You have been such an inspiration. I am training to go to Southeastern University in Florida as a music-voice major and a music teacher. then going to graduate school so that one day I can be a professor or open my own studio.

My dream would be able to get my music out there enough to maybe sing with you. That would be beyond this world. Lord knows, I'd take just meeting you. Haha.

I can't wait til your new CD comes out.

Thank you so much for what you bring to the world of music. Because you have inspired to me to do something with my talents and passion.

Grammy´s 2010
Person of the Year: Jason Mraz and Josh Groban.

Well done congratulations from Holland
Did you shake hands with Byonce,
Enjoyed the party?
You are maybe one of the few american enterprise who sells your product to Brasil. China is getting a very large portion of the market and is right now mumber one exporter to Brasil, Surprised me but i can ubderstand it
This clip y send to you is from Piere Bachelet . Who passed away some years ago . This song creats a athmospere you who suits you more. Paradoxen a person needs them to survive and nobody can;t escape.


The time from 1960 till 1980 is a periode like the tine when Mozart, Handel. Beethoven en Verdi, Wagner Bach etc. composed music for ever. With a few exceptions of course
have a nice warm day. it is freezing en snowing at the other side of the oceaan.
With regards.

I don`t know what`s wrong with you and I do not judge.
But I think there`s a better way.

A wise Indian once said:
Don`t condemn anyone until you`re not running seven miles in his

So, you want to change the world or the people?
Ok, BE the change you wanna see.

You want love - BE Love
You want peace - BE Peace
you want understanding - BE appreciative
you wanna be heard - start to listen.

It`s not as easy as it sounds. We should treat each other with love,
dignity and respect.Only then our world will be permanently
peaceful and loving. Only then will we have a chance.

I send you a lot of love, peace and light.
Seems, you need it most...

I do not want to be rich or famous or the most beautiful woman in the world ... but what I really desire is to work in team Music Josh Groban and give a wet kiss on the mouth him.
What do you think about this Josh Groban?

Oh, how I love you
When I can't see your face
I think of a place
Where flowers grow
And rivers flow
Where mountain caps are filled with snow
And birds sing to give a show
No one will ever really know
How much I love you so

Will you marry me? :D

Josh, I just watched YouTube on the Musicares benefit, I only saw your interview but you looked great and sounded great.

What a fabulous story about your experience with Neil Young comforting you before your performance at the Bridge School Benefit. I attended that show and you were magnificent. You are such a magnificent performer that you can fit in anywhere! Your playing Harvest Moon with Neil was so beautiful. I hope that you heard the crowd exploded when you came out onto the stage that night. Rock star or not you rocked the house!!

I wish that I could have attended the Musicares benefit, and I look forward to seeing the video on your performance.

Take care Josh, looking toward your next appearance, where ever it may be.

Josh, you are one of the most merciful people I know. That takes great strength of character.

Lots of love,

It angers me that anyone would be demanding and negative about this wonderful gift we receive from Josh. We are so blessed that he shares this gift with us, asking nothing in return. We owe him so much. Josh is a gifted artist; wouldn't he best know when his work is done? we know his next CD will be available in the future, as will all his work, it will be Josh's best, a part of him. How can you expect that to be rushed?
I am so very sorry that Josh had to even be exposed to such negativity.