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UBER excited

joslen1967's picture
on March 1, 2011 - 3:36pm

I have been a fan of Josh Grobans since day 1. I remember actually watching him perform on the Grammys oh so many years ago and thought...OMG this kid is gonna go far. Two episodes of Ally McBeal and it's been a skyrocket ever since. As soon as the first CD came out I knew I had to have well as the second, third, forth......the music has filled me with so much emotion that it's hard to write it all down. Lets just say he's comforted me through 2 divorces, losing my children, moving half way around the world, and even while I'm cleaning house does he fill me with excitement....yes people, I clean house to Josh Groban...LOL
When I found out that he is coming to Orlando Florida (1hr from my house) I knew I had to get a ticket and go see him. You see...there aren't many people I've wanted to see in concert...BUT HE IS ONE OF THEM!! Let's just say he's on my "BUCKETLIST"...Now if only the time would speed up so that I can see him LIVE AND IN PERSON...and maybe even get a picture with him.
Can't wait for October 29th to get here!!!!!

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