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on November 12, 2009 - 1:15pm

Hi my Grobie friends!

Happy Thursday!! The sun is out and it's 59 degrees out. WOW!! I'm loving it!! I love the rain and storms don't get me wrong but I was ready for some sun. The snow level is coming down too so who knows maybe we will be getting snow before Thanksgiving this year.

It's been a busy day already for me. I visited my Aunt Bobbie and she was doing real well today. We enrolled her into a rx program that will mail her rx's to the adult home where she resides. YAY! Her memory was so much better today too. I know it won't last bt it's nice to see her in such top form considering she'll be 97 next month. She has a sense of humor that won't quite. She can get the entire home laughing. she remembered the time that she pick up a t-shirt that said sex instructor first lesson free. She loved it. She said that she had plenty of experience at much more than me. She said loud enough in the store that she had many in stitches including myself. She was 94 at the time.

My next accomplishment for today was getting a hold of one of my friends that is a caregiver. I asked her if she had any openings. She does!!! YAY!!! I'm going to set up a meeting with dad and Pam so they can meet. Dad didn't want just anybody to help him he wanted someone that one of his children knew. Can I say JACKPOT!!! Dad is losing his license finally!! it has taken almost a year to get to this point. He will be receiving a letter in the mail from the dept. of Licensing stating that he has to surrender his license. I feel bad for him but happy at the same time. The family won't worry about him and others on the road getting involved in an accident. I can't wait to get dad squared away with his transportation and a care giver. I just don't have it in me physically anymore to help him as much as he needs. I feel bad about that but there's nothing else I can do so this is it.

Better go need to call dad. Hope everyone has a Joshtastic day!


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