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GOODBYE 2009!!!

Irishgirl127's picture
on January 2, 2010 - 10:05pm

Hi Everyone!

Happy New year!! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and stayed safe on New years Eve. I was at home with my pooch listening to Josh till 2 am about the time the neighborhood settled down. I don't get many quiet moments in my life so I take them whenever I can. New years Eve was one of them and it was great!!
Last year was a year of rollercoaster rides, bumpy roads and and challenges on my journey through life. I have to say that for this year I look forward to losing more weight.I lost 43lbs between last year and year before and this year I hope to lose 53 lbs or close to it. Hopefully my health will allow me to do the things I would like to do so that I can lose more weight.
I look forward to getting my new acoustic guitar out and playng it but.. I have to try to remember how to play first. lol It's been a long time... clearing throat....we won't get into that. LOL I'm going to pick up some self taught books to see if I can regain any of my knowledge of guitar playing. I hope so I used to love playing. I think my father would enjoy listening to music again too and I know my aunt would for sure.
I look forward to a happy, and productive new year. I have missed everyone here a FOJG but I do think about you often. JOSH thank you for FOJG and giving me the opportunity to make so many wonderful friends. Josh and FOJG friends I hope that this year will provide you with more joy and satisfaction than you could ever imagine.


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