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on November 9, 2009 - 9:25pm

HI Everyone!!
It's feels great to be back home again lol only in the new and improved home. I haven't had much time to spend here today but will try to spend more time here tomorrow. I LOVE what I see even though it's a bit confusing. OH WAIT!!! Maybe it's me!! LOL I've missed a lot of you from FOJG so now it's time to get caught up on life's happenings.

So much has happened since the site went down I don't know where to begin. OK, maybe I'll just skip the catch up except for two portions of my life that are significant. The first being that I have been working at initiating the revocation of my fathers license for quite some time now. He has no business driving. I don't feel guilty but I do feel sad for him. The second- if you remember my mother was stricken with Alzheimer's 15 yrs ago bt it wasn't till 2002 that she began to deteriorate to the point of needing help.It was only in the last 4 yrs. that my sister and I were able to talk dad into placing mom int an adult home. She lived there till last Oct.2 when she was transported to Hospice and in the early morning of the 3rd. she moved on to a new life. I never thoughtit would be difficult for me to accept her passing but it was and I want to THANK all of you that were there to help me through the rough times Including JOSH!!! That's another story that you have already heard though.

Geeesh!!! For someone who didn'tthink she had much to say I sure said a lot!! LOL

Love you all!!


I'm very busy these days caring for my dad,visits with my aunt, all the other appointments that I have to keep for me and keep the household in some kind of running order.

That's it for now

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