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Dare to Feel...

Jsgirl44's picture
on December 14, 2009 - 9:17pm

Josh is so right (not that I didn't know this already...), people really don't feel anything anymore.

I work for a bank and today one of our local branches was robbed, one that I've worked at before and know the people pretty well. Our local newspaper put an article about it on their website. I was perusing it and scrolled down to the comments part. People make me so angry!! One of the comments said. "Screw them, banks have been robbing us for years." In reply to that post someone said, "Is anyone really losing sleep over this anymore? :)" It just made me SOO angry. How about the family, the coworkers and friends?? The holiday season is robbery season for banks and yeah, its a little scary, and I imagine the teller that was robbed today and all the other people at that branch are losing sleep over it tonight. So am I, because these people just make me so mad! Really, does nobody care anymore?!?! Grrr....

Just had to rant.

Please say a prayer for my friends who had a really rough day, Shawn, Michael, Roxanna, Maria and Providence. And also pray that my branch not experience the same dilemma!

Thanks all and goodnight!


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