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Wow, its been 10 weeks!

Jsgirl44's picture
on February 25, 2010 - 6:36pm

How is everyone? I've been busy just working, working, working. And cleaning the snow off my car! Haha. I love snow though. Its been beautiful. Hopefully it snows tonight so I don't have to go to work tomorrow!

So, I hope you have all checked out the auction. There are still a few girls left to sponsor. I sponsored one. I really hope they send me her information. I'd love to write to her!

Kathleen will be home in a week. I am going to pick her up in Philly. I think I am going to peruse the flower show, then head over to pick her up from the train station, have some dinner, then end the day at the Franklin Institute. We are going to see Bpdy Worlds 2. Its an exhibit of preserved bodies with out skin. It sounds gross to me too. I think its really creepy but we'll give it a go. Kathleen will really like it. She into that sort of creepy stuff and is majoring in biology or something like that. haha.

Are any of you up to anything fun? I hope you all are enjoying your snow! If you don't have any I'm sorry, it really is gorgeous! Have a good weekend everyone. I'll try not to wait 10 weeks before I check in again. :-)

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