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I don't care who this upsets!

judymcdermott's picture
on October 22, 2010 - 7:27am

And I'll say this again. I don't care who this message upsets but I am going to say this. GET OFF THE CELL PHONES IF YOU ARE DRIVING. Okay?? I was nearly hit by a car this morning driven by a man who was just chatting away on his phone not paying one whit of attention to the fact that he was about to RUN A RED LIGHT with me walking through the intersection!! All other traffic had stopped for walkers but not this guy. Once I cleared the intersection safely I turned and screamed at him to GET OFF HIS PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!!! I am still shaking as I type this. GET OFF THE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. What is so important that you need to be glued to your phone while you drive?? NOTHING of real importance. Got it?? I mean it. And if I get PMed by a Moderator for this rant, I apologize now in advance but this is meant to SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE. The only good thing is that he found a place to park and came in to the post office where I was gathering the morning mail and apologized to me profusely. I just said that he needed to pay attention to the road, stay off his phone and watch for red lights. At least he did the right thing by coming after me and saying he was sorry, and in the wrong.
I do mean this. Driving and Cellphone talking/texting can get an innocent pedestrian KILLED. Whatever it is that needs to be discussed via phone can WAIT till you get home or if its just that important that you be on your phone in the car, pull off to the side of the road, finish your conversation and turn the phone off!

Again, I'm sorry for breaking the "no caps" rule but I felt it necessary to say what I needed to say in that manner.
Be safe everyone.

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