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Its going to be nuts

judymcdermott's picture
on November 23, 2009 - 6:55am

So its barely Ten AM on a rainy gray Monday morning and in just the few hours since I've been awake I've been asked to help with the Columbia Children's Theatre's gift wrap fundraiser and to work two birthday parties as the Birthday Princess. I'm due at the Mall where both the theatre and the Fundraiser are located sometime early Friday morning and Saturday as well.
Being the Birthday Princess is a lot of fun. The job is really very simple. In a long green dress with a chapel length train and tiara, I help the parents set the party up on a long table to the rear of the theatre. I put the place settings out, keep the children together and give them a tour backstage. Grudgingly, because I cannot stand cameras, I get a picture taken with the birthday honoree. That's December 5th and 6th. This weekend following Thanksgiving, I'll be up to my elbows in dust and wrapping paper, boxes, bags, bows, and ribbon with getting the Gift Wrap Station set up and running.
Its good to be busy this time of year.

Have a wonderful day!!

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