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Why are men

judymcdermott's picture
on January 12, 2010 - 4:45pm

so insistent on pushing for sex on the first date?? It boggles my mind!! I've recently re-entered the tangled up irritating and confusing world of dating and have discovered to my dismay that the men I've met want only to get me in bed. Forget about talking to each other and conversing about things that matter. Forget about learning about our interests and the things that spark our minds. Oh no. Its sex sex sex and yes more sex. And it just blows my mind. I don't want to even exchange a kiss on the first date. Yes I know its old fashioned but come on. What is wrong with talking first?? Whats wrong with wanting to wait?? I've met some really great men but they don't want to respect me for wanting to hold off on getting physical so they dump me after a date or two when they realize I'm not going to invite them in my house for beddybye playtime.
I am post menopausal which complicates intimacy greatly. Add to that mix the fact that I am now a carrier for MRSA and that changes the playing field a great deal.
All I want is to get to know someone before the issue of bed is brought into the picture. Why is that so hard for men to get?? And if this way makes me old fashioned and backward then so be it. I don't take it lightly, and men, especially in this day and age, shouldn't either. Yet they do.
Maybe I just should give up on finding someone.

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