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Work woes

judymcdermott's picture
on September 14, 2010 - 5:44am

I don't ask for much. In this horrible economy I'm grateful beyond words to be employed full time with benefits. So maybe I really shouldn't complain about how the people I work for talk to me as opposed to how they talk to say, the bookkeeper. I work for a very small company. Just six people, plus me. Its not a hard job, or a demanding stressful place to work. What has me upset is how I'm spoken to. The guys will banter and chat with Kelly, the bookkeeper and be laughing at jokes and things going on. However, if they have to speak to me, its completely business. I'm not included in their joking around. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. I end up with hurt feelings and a sense of being left out. That's also one of my character defects; that belief that I'm not a part of the group, that I'm outside looking in, you know?? Its not an easy thing to fix in a person.
There are times, like right now, that I really want to just escape and find another place to work. There's nothing else right now. I have this job until the economy gets better or I win the Lottery. Anyway thanks for listening.

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