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on April 29, 2013 - 3:31pm

Italy, April 29, 2013

1.13 euros = daily cost allowance

BREAKFAST: 1 cup weak coffee, with drop of skim milk, a bit of sugar
1 tiny, thin slice of plain cake

LUNCH: 1/3 of a banana
5 tsps. plain unsweetened yoghurt

MID-DAY: 1 rice cake

DINNER: 40 gr. pasta with a bit of Extra Virgin olive oil, a little garlic and hot red pepper
1/3 of a rice cake

Tap water in Italy not very drinkable. Adele needs to boil me some water tomorrow as I missed my 8 glasses of water today. Feeling hungry but it is tolerable BECAUSE this morning as I took out my electric toothbrush and started to put my whitening, fluoride toothpaste on it, leaning against my antique sink and cabinet, in a large bathroom with a Chromo therapy Hydro massage Jacuzzi, I thought to myself: WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? PEOPLE LIVING BELOW THE POVERTY LINE DO NOT OWN EVEN A NORMAL TOOTHBRUSH, NOR DO THEY HAVE TOOTHPASTE, OR A BATHROOM, LET ALONE A JACUZZI...

So, all in all, I may be hungry but I will never complain again...

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