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Tour almost over....

kat6288's picture
on November 28, 2011 - 5:52pm

and I just hate to see it end already, even though I understand it must be so exhausting! I did get to attend in Cleveland & Columbus, even got a front row seat at one. The front row was the absolute best place to be and I will hopefully get to do it again, if it is offered and I can afford it! ;o) I just wish he had walked down our row or something! It's unbelievable that he just keeps getting better & better! Even though I am now a year 8 member and have been a huge fan since Ally McBeall, I still have not had the opportunity of meeting Josh and thanking him for all the joy he has brought me over the years. I have dreamed of getting a picture with him, but I know it is pretty unlikely now. He has so many millions of fans and is so popular now (which I am very happy about!). I had my chance in NYC during the Awake tour - I had tickets to GMA and planned on going to the signing at Barnes & Noble. I was SO excited I couldn't stand it, so I went for a walk to explore! Big mistake. As some of you know, I was struck by a taxi & spent my much anticipated trip in Midtown Hospital instead. I only got to watch Josh on TV and it broke my heart. I really don't mean to complain - it was just my bad luck. I will always support Josh in any way I can and I pray for his good health, safety, and continued growing success in all his endeavors. Bless you, Josh, for the wonderful man you have become and for sharing so much with us - you are the very, very best and I am proud to be one of your people. Many, many thanks to you! Be happy!

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