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It's late, I want to write....sorta

Katie Elora Mary's picture
on April 7, 2011 - 1:12am

So far it has been an interesting experience finding my way around on the FOJG board....although it seems to be more confusing when I have the regular board and the FOJG board up in different tabs.
Recently bought the iTunes Live from SoHo EP for Josh. WOW. First I wasn't a big fan of the album version of "Bells of NYC" or "Galileo" but after listening to them on the SoHo album, I really like them!
Current song(s) obsession at the moment: ♪ ♫Josh "Feels Like Home" or Blake Shelton "Honey Bee" ♪ ♫
Thinking I may start drawing again. Haven't really done it in a while. Mostly because I was finishing up with culinary school, externship at Disney World, coming home and working....really no time in between.
I should also probably think about going to bed before 4/5 a.m.
Ok, now I think this has gotten weird, must end it........and because I love "Chef" Groban =D

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