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WOW! Live at Lincoln Center on PBS

findyourlight1's picture
on April 13, 2013 - 1:13am

I watched Live at Lincoln Center tonight, on PBS. Wow, what a fantastic show. I have never seen Josh so passionate!! I was so touched by all of his songs. What a special special voice. The filming was beautiful, the lighting, the musicians, the sound...arete'!! The amount of hours put into this production must have been...well it was very appreciated by me. Thank you to all involved. It was such a pleasure. Just want you to know the effort and love, was a real gift for me as a fan. The productions are just getting better and better. And Josh looked incredibly debonair in his tuxedo jacket. Whoever does his hair, is a real artist too!! And the beard was extremely sexy...close-ups were amazing.
Bravo, and thank you again to Josh and company, and PBS for this opportunity. The performance in the trendy theatre at Jazz at Lincoln Center was spectacular, along with the lighted NY cityscape in the background! WOW!

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