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Meet and greet in Buffalo!!

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on June 4, 2011 - 10:09pm

I had an AMAZING time at the concert in Buffalo last night! Met great people. heard gorgeous music, and had aLet's start at the beginning, shall we?
I was super-lucky enough to win a meet and greet with Josh before the show, so there was NO way I was gonna be late for this! I had it all planned out-- I had my (awesome) outfit picked out, my GPS pre-programmed, my photo ID handy, and I'd told the girls at work not to book any appointments after 3pm so I could book it outta work early. My coworker was absent, which meant more work for me, but fortunately I was still able to leave a little early (with my other coworkers' blessings!).
But of course not everything can go as well as planned. My waaaay-overdue oil change finally caught up to me, and my check engine light went on on my way home. After rattling off every expletive I now at the top of my lungs (and making up some new ones), I called my mom and arranged to switch cars. We're back in business! I got changed, put a crap-ton of deodorant on, put back-up in my purse, took a deep breath, and headed off!
I didn't start panicking until I got into Buffalo and encountered the tens of thousands of people (no exaggeration) waiting to get into the KISS Taste of Summer concert. Stop and go traffic for twenty precious minutes! I finally got a great parking spot and headed into the arena.
I made my way through the throngs of people to the ticket window. This is when I realized how cool it was that I was one of TEN people to meet Josh Groban that night! I got my ticket at the window, and my precious meet and greet pass... oh, no, wait, PASSES! That's right, TWO! Oy, they told me I'd just get one, so I called my mom, who promptly told me she'd be there right away. At which point I reminded her she was an hour and a half away.
So I made the decision to find a deserving Grobanite to give my extra M&G pass to. Enter Sarah, wearing her Year 7 FOJG member t-shirt, looking as psyched to be there as I was. I approached her and asked if she'd ever met Josh Groban. I then offered her my extra pass (I felt a little like Bob Barker telling someone they were the next contestant on The Price is Right, lol), which she of course enthusiastically accepted.
I talked with Sarah and her mom until the doors opened, at which point we'd been advised to walk straight ahead onto the floor level. We asked an usher where to go. Not knowing the answer, he referred us to the head of the arena, who also didn't know the answer! But he found us our answer-- in front of section 102. So we headed in and found the fellow M&Gers. Darren, the head of security, gathered us up and told us where we were headed. Sarah, bless her heart, is also a huge Buffalo Sabres fan, and they happen to play in HSBC Arena, so she was just as excited to potentially be seeing their locker room as she was to meet Josh!
We got to the hallway behind the scenes, where we were given ground rules-- no hugs or kisses (for fear of getting poor Joshie sick), have your camera out and ready, and have an item out for him to autograph. I would like to point out at this point that my email exclusively said no autographs, so I now have a Josh Groban autograph on the back of my apartment to-buy list (which starts with "plunger"-- talk about classy). Anywho, Sarah and I start getting nervous and giddy. And, all of a sudden, there he is. Like, real and everything. Right there in front of us! I've never thought of him as-- well, shall we say, as my type-- but he looked gorgeous.
The line moved quickly as the folks in front of us got their pics and autographs. Soon, Sarah was having her photo taken with Josh and I was next. And then, there he was. Looking at ME. Shaking MY hand! He signed my shopping list and we had our photo taken. Commence verbal diarrhea. I had planned my conversation out, had my in. I asked if he knew Gaelyn, a friend of mine from home whom he'd known at interlochen. When he realized who I was talking about, he asked how I knew her. I said I was friends with her daughter... I mean.. uh, her friend. In actuality, it was her sister. Then he asked if she was there. When I said no, he sounded disappointed. Woohoo, score one for me. Ugh. But he was very polite about it and said to tell her he said hi. And that was it.
Sarah and I headed back to the arena and parted ways. As I found my row, I started making my way down the row as two of the girls stopped me, saying to each other, "Oh, she has a meet and greet pass, she can't come through". They were joking, of course, but I turned beet-red and quickly took off the sticker, but numbers of people had already heard and immediately bombarded me with questions. How did I get to meet him? Did he touch me? Where? (I realized I had no idea! I had to refer to the photo, lol) Could they see the picture? They were all very sweet and enthusiastic, and soon I'd made a large number of acquaintances around me. I ended up sitting next to a girl (Emily) from my home town and behind people from a nearby town and who knew my temple. And here I thought I was out of town!
After the opening act (which I really did not like, frankly, but it was only a half hour), it was finally time for Josh to SING! And boy did he ever! I'd forgotten why I enjoy his concerts so much, but it very quickly came back to me. He's always entertaining, he's got a wicked sense of humor, and his vocals are immaculate. They soar, filling the arena, and I'd find myself closing my eyes to fully appreciate his voice. I was pleasantly surprised by how many songs he did from past albums.
All right, I've gotta finish this another time, because I'm getting impatient about wanting to finish it up, so I'd rather finish it when I'm ready to fill in all the details! Don't wanna forget this one!

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