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How I met Josh...

Kristin Tomaras's picture
on March 1, 2011 - 2:37pm

I first met Josh in March of 2004 after his performance in Washington DC. At the time, I was managing a restaurant in the Baltimore area, and the owner is a very good friend of Brian Avnet. Fortunately, I was somewhat clueless about Josh, so I was extremely relaxed when Josh, Brian & other members of the tour came for a late night dinner. Not so much for my friend, Erika who was working with me that night. While I was taking care of preparations, she was fixing her hair & this day we still laugh! So, the evening was great, and not only did we get the opportunity to sit with Josh, we also got our very own "tour" of the tour bus! The next day I purchased his first 2 CDs, and was blown away!
Extremely thankful for this connection I had to know Josh, later that summer Erika and I were on our way to the "Meet & Greet" in Northern VA, where were able to reunite with Josh! It was an amazing show and an absolutely unforgettable memory!

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