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Awesome New Web Site !

vijaykumar's picture
on November 14, 2009 - 3:43pm

Hey this is really nice how this is set up and so pretty too!
Way to go ! You've outdone yourself !

Me. Well, I am swamped with paper work. I guess you could call in extreme paper work for work. Not much free time to speak of any more. With lots of pressure and a big Michigan push to put special needs students back into general education and close special education classrooms...very political.
Selected comments from state department trainings:
"the purpose of general education is to learn how to learn not to master skills"
"general education teachers are experts in curriculum, special education teachers are not. They are only experts in how to work with the disability"
"research shows (none given) that special ed student in general education do better than special ed students in special ed classrooms" (my thought: of course they do, more severe special needs students are in contained rooms due to the severity of their needs)
"special ed students functioning at a second grade level should still be put in their age related grade so if a student is functioning at a 2nd grade level and is 7th grade age, you still put them in 7th grade. Then you modify the 7th grade curriculum. You highlight the answers to the questions with a specific color and hight light the space where they should copy the answer or you make it a yes no question if the non verbal student can't copy and they check the correct box yes or no"
I also heard (I know hearsay) that money sent by Obama for the schools is not being used for it and if it is not being used for it, it will have to be repaid and the state is asking for a waiver. Don't know if that is true. But truthfully the school funds were cut big time.

So, the political agenda to dismantle special education continues.

And special ed teachers are being given mountainns of paper work to do.


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